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Cross By Riet Surtel-Smeulders, with the technique of Jane Eborall
You need : 2 shuttles , the size you like the most
28 beads that fits with the thread.
Ds = dubble stich
R = ring
Ch = chain
SR = splitring.
--- = big picot
- = smallpicot
Big black dot = a set
Set is : 5first half of Ds, bead, 5 second half of DS.
Small blue dot  = start with mock picot on paperclip.
Big blue line is big picot , it is horizontal 6 Ds, when ready The length is 3 ds
Small blue line  is small picot , it is horizontal 4 Ds
When ready, the length is 2 DS.
1,3,5 and 7 are chains
2,4,6  are rings.
8,9,10 are Splitrings
11 is a tail made of sets without a bead.
Wind your shuttles with on shuttle 1, 18 beads and on shuttle 2, 10 beads.(tip:put on each shuttle 18 beads , than it can’t go wrong)
Put paperclip on thread and now it belongs to you how to go on , you can do the chains with reversed tatting , than you don’t reverse your work so in the pattern I don’t say RW, it is up to you
1 Ch:3Ds,set,3Ds.
2 R:3Ds,set,1Ds,-,1Ds,---,1Ds,-,1Ds,set,1Ds,-,1Ds,---  ,1Ds,-,1Ds,set,1Ds,-,1Ds,---,1Ds,-,1Ds,set,3Ds.
3 Ch as 1
4 R as 2
5 Ch as 1
6 R as 2
7 Ch as 1 and than join the picot on the paperclip.
8 SR : 3Es set,1Ds,-,1Ds,---,1Ds,-,1Ds,set,3Ds/
9 Sr as 8
10 Sr as 8
11 Ch set without bead, set without bead as much as you need.

I hope that you like the pattern.
The set is really 5 first half and 5 second half , Jane works with 4 first half and 4 second halfs
If it doesn’t work, mail me

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