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SegaNet is FREE Now but Nobody is Playing

SegaNet might be FREE again until the end of the year but nobody is playing. I tried playing multiple Dreamcast games online tonight (August 16, 2002, 10:00PM - 1:00AM Eastern) and could not find anyone to play with on most of them.

Here are the games I tried and the results I found:

  • Alien Front Online: Could not connect to the server.

  • Bomberman Online: 0 people online in all the rooms and lobbies.

  • ChuChu Rocket: 0 people online on all the U.S. and Japan Servers.

  • Daytona USA: I still can't figure out how to get an Access Key. I tried a few months ago on SegaNet Free-For-All Weekend with no luck and I still have the same problem today. I get to the web page via the in-game Dreamcast browser and click the Access Key link. Then, I log into my account but I never receive the Access Key VMU file or a link that I need to click to download the file. Has anyone gotten this key download to their VMU in last few months?

  • NBA 2K1: 1 person besides me was online and he said he was playing for the last few hours with a friend and was tired so we didn't play but we did chat for a little while. He also said he is looking for NBA 2K2 for Dreamcast but can't find it in stores or online. Have any of you seen it lately? Is it a rare Dreamcast game???

  • NFL 2K1: 0 people online in all of the Regions and Cities.

  • Ooga Booga: 0 people online in all the rooms.

  • Quake III: Arena: 30 - 40 people online. Everyone I ran into had the Dreamcast Broadband Adapter and blew me away before I saw what was coming because I was only on 56K Modem. They would shoot me before I would even see them or if I did see them they had already moved and killed me before I aimed at them. It was still fun but I think my total record for the few games I played was about 60 to 10. Oops. =P I did talk to one person and told them about the web site. I also noticed that in the games I played there were spectators that were just chatting instead of actually playing the game. I don't totally understand that but anyways. So, maybe there were only 20 - 30 people actually playing and the rest were just chatting.

    So, no wonder Sega had to make SegaNet FREE again. Nobody would be willing to pay $10 a month if there is no one to play with when they get online. It is kind of sad but it looks like the Sega Dreamcast online gaming days are pretty much coming to an end. I can see why Sega stated they are going to shutdown the servers at the end of the year since there aren't enough people using them to justify keeping them turned on. :(

    Well, if you still have some Sega Dreamcast online games you want to try post on the forums and maybe we can get all the members together one night and play so we can find people when we go online.

  • What online Sega Dreamcast games do you own?
  • Have any of you tried getting online with your Sega Dreamcast lately to play a few games?
  • Has anyone been online when you tried?
  • What are some of your present and past experience with SegaNet?
  • Will you will miss SegaNet for Dreamcast when it is gone?
  • What will you replace SegaNet for Dreamcast with? (PS2 Online, Xbox Live, Computer Online Gaming, GameCube Online)

    :: Discuss this on the Forums ::

    Posted by: cnc137 Date: August 17, 2002
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