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Yahoo! Picks Saturday May 1, 2004

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May 1, 2004
London Underground Tube Diary
British people love to talk about the weather, it's a fact, and thankfully the crazy weather recently has given us plenty to talk about. In London, however, there is one thing which people love to talk about more than the weather and that is the Tube. Luckily, successive governments have realised the importance of Tube conversations to the general population of London and have striven to make sure that it never works properly. Today's Pick, the London Underground Tube Diary, is a blog about travelling on the Tube daily. The writing is pretty good and the site informative and amusing. So, if you have to cram into the world's grumpiest sardine cans every morning you may well appreciate Tube Diaries' take on commuting.
Found in Weblogs

April 30, 2004
Music Plasma
Finding new music can be a tricky thing. So you've just bought your new Handsome Family album and like it - you want more alt-country but know nothing about it. So where do you start? That's the eternal problem of finding new music in this world of ever narrowing genres. However, today's Pick should help you out a little with where to start. The basic idea of Music Plasma is that you type in the name of a band you like and it gives you a spider diagram linking your choice with similar acts. The site is pretty comprehensive and you will have to be looking for something pretty obscure to catch them out.
Found in Music > Web Directories

April 29, 2004
If Nick Hornby is to be believed then today's Pick should appeal to the list maker in all the men out there. is a comprehensive database of British hit singles and albums all the way back to January 1952. You can search by title, by time period, or by artist. The site also has a list of all the winners of the Brits, Eurovision, Mercury Music Prize, Q Awards, the MOBOs and more. For the list maniacs out there you can see the charts for each month from 1952. It really is a treasure trove of song-based fun.
Found in Music > Charts

April 28, 2004
Banana Guard
The banana is a curious fruit. Firstly we are told that they may disappear within a decade due to Banana blight. Secondly, as children we were led to believe that a banana skin on the pavement is the most slippery substance known to man. Yet in all our years we have never seen anybody slip on one, and believe us we've tried. Thirdly, they are, apparently, a difficult fruit to include in the packed lunch, due to their squashing tendencies. Today's Pick provides a solution to the last problem, transportation of the banana. The Canadian company, Banana Guard, has launched a range of (you guessed it) banana guards. The banana guard is a plastic case designed to take an individual banana. They come in a range of colours and should see your fruit safe from bowl to mouth. Unfortunately, our Canadian cousins don't seem to think that the bruised or squashed banana is a problem here in old Blighty and they are not currently available in the U.K. We're sure if you regale them with tales of ruined laptops and PE kit they will see sense. Maybe.
Found in Household Organisation and Storage Products

April 27, 2004
BBC Online: Gardening
Well, dear readers, it was a lovely weekend, the weather was glorious. Of course that means two things in this country. Firstly, after sun products will be flying off the shelves to slightly embarrassed lobster people. Secondly, it means that people have just remembered that they have a garden, and garden centres up and down the country are full to bursting. If your gardening skills are anything like ours, then your plants will die in their droves. However, those good people at the BBC have just the thing to save the murderous gardener. BBC Gardening has a wealth of garden and plant information as well as tips from the likes of Alan Titchmarsh, Diarmuid Gavin and more. There are sections on plants, garden design and gardening with children. Basically, if you intend to do some gardening this year and are foxed, the answer is probably here.
Found in Lawn and Garden Information

April 26, 2004
Jay Maynard's TRON Costume
There are certain areas the Internet excels at - shopping, building communities, and mocking unintentionally funny personal web sites. Today's Pick falls into the latter category. Jay Maynard is a big fan of the film Tron and was disappointed with the fan-built Tron costumes on the Internet. Solution? He made his own, and God bless him for doing so. The site tells us how Jay transformed himself from mild mannered sci-fi fan into Tron himself. The pictures are excellent and the final costume actually quite good. However, and you may be more grown up than us lot, we are amused by the sight of a middle aged man in a unitard. For that matter we are just amused by the word unitard.
Found in Movie Titles > Tron

April 25, 2004
Who are you? Are you you or are you somebody else? Is somebody else you? Well today's Pick YourNotMe will help clear all this mess up in a jiffy. The basic premise is that you put your name into the site and it will tell you how many other people there are in the U.K. with the same name. You can do your full name, first name only, or surname only. It's based on the electoral register of 2001, so if you weren't old enough to vote then your name won't be on the list. The site also allows you to leave a message for all those other people out there who share your moniker. So you can finally tell that other you, who has been going round town besmirching your good reputation, just where to get off. Or maybe you could start a rewarding friendship with all the other Alans you can find?
Found in Society and Culture > Namesakes

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