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Thursday, November 4th, 1999
Version WF 5.0b1a available for testing 

In an effort to get people more familar with the new map entities coming in WF 5.0, we are making an early beta of WF 5.0 available for download.

Note that this is a test release only and will not be supported. We do not recommend that you run this on a public server.


  • use the hunted2.ent file, it must go in wf/ent dir
  • TF entity html and doc has been updated.
  • Grenade limits can be set in weapons.cfg
  • SR is now just like TF1 SR. Should cut down on any bots being able to use it. hit key SR again to turn on/off autofire mode.
  • Zorbot/zbot can be booted off all the way. untested
  • all warning messages have timers, so its not a steady stream of messages. (ie. "you can't pick up the flag while ref has the game paused". or the 30 sec msgs for game starts will print only 1sec intervals rather than every 10 mil sec.
  • hardcoded cl_speeds have been coded different, hopefully will decrease any overflows from joysticks and other means.
  • refmenu brings up a menu with all the refcmds,all cmds will work off the menu except, ref_classlimit,ref_startcount,ref_matchtime and cmd ALL arg.
  • hud 0,1,2,3,4 or just hud to toggle modes
    • 0 = no HUD
    • 1 = only bottom statusbar
    • 2 = only left statusbar,no damage numbers/icon, no flagstatus icons
    • 3 = 1+2
    • 4 = Full HUD
  • some other minor fixes...
You can download the WF 5.0b1a server zip from here.


Sunday, October 24th, 1999
Version 5.0 Update

Gaming God Acrid is working on WF version 5.0, which will include TF entities so that maps like Hunted and The Rock are possible. We are currently tinkering with an in-house beta.
Just in from Tumorhead

"I've been hacking away at multiplay games since null-modem play with Falcon 3.0 on two Amigas. Commercial game designers have finally embraced multiplay. With the advent of cheap computers and broadband access like cable modems and DSL, there's going to be an explosion of growth in the gaming industry. The entire entertainment industry will change from linear products like film and television to interactive virtual worlds. Of course the virtual world that we all enjoy is war. Games like Tribes 2, Delta Force 2, Rogue Spear, Team Fortress 2 and Halo are all headed toward bringing us larger worlds, more realistic weapons and graphic detail the likes we've never seen before. Hold onto your helmets kids, the world of gaming is going to take off like a rocket......"

Tuesday, October 19th, 1999
Weapons Factory MP3 Site Launched

Gee, what could we do next.....uh, how about launching another WF site! Check out the Weapons Factory MP3 Site with 18 classic and four brand new MP3s from the Weapons Factory Staff. You can either download the MP3 songs or listen to them on Gamespy's Shoutcast server here.

In order to celebrate, the song CyborgNeuro(sis) is dedicated to the Cyborg class in both the WF Quake 2 and WF Tribes mods.



  4.36 meg by <Anvil.Chorus>, St|Squid & Bleuís Hope. "We logged an event at high-tech, high security, corporate lab. Our gear was able to retrieve audio only, but the results were shocking. It appears as though nano and cybernetic technology are being misused. This scene was recorded and edited from an incident where a prototype borg (classification unknown) went awry. An anomaly in its system made it relay some bizarre data. We are still analyzing key sound clips to get a better understanding of itís designation and what it was blathering about (those key clips were omitted in final mix-down for national security reasons)."

The theme for the Weapons Factory MP3 Site is "Tunes for the virtual battlefield". Enjoy!
Sunday, October 17th, 1999
WF Tribes Launch

We are proud to announce the new WF Tribes Mod!

Tribes is a great game. It's even better with the Renegades mod. Renegades brings Tribes a little closer to TF / WF gameplay with 8 different armor classes.

However, start up a Tribes Renegades game and you've got to find that ^%$$#@&*# inventory station to get some decent armor and weapons. Not only that but when you die everything's lost and you have to make another tedious trip to the inventory station. Very frustrating if your base is overrun or you just want to snipe instead of spending 30 minutes repairing generators....

That's where we come in. You can now pick your class when you enter the game, and keep all your weapons even if you get wacked. Respawn with all the weapons for that class. Makes sense doesn't it? Everything else in Renegades is exactly the same.

JQuest is running the official WF Tribes beta server JQuest's #1 WF-RENEGADE! at IP: Players can go there right now to check it out. No need to download anything.

Server admins, we're just getting started here and could use a few more WF Tribes servers. Contact Tumorhead if you can help us out.

Wednesday, October 13th, 1999
More Weapons Factory 4.25 ports

We now have even more server platforms to run a WF 4.25 server. Here is the list.
wfserver425-beos.zip BeOS x86 -  Version 4.25 Server Files.  (You must also download wfclient425-0.zip from the downloads page)
Special thanks to Richard Hess for doing the port.
BeOS Q2 server can be found at:
wfserver425-mips.tar.gz IRIX MIPS -  Version 4.25 Server Files. (You must also download wfclient425-0.zip from the downloads page)
Special thanks to Richard Hess for doing the port.
IRIX Q2 server can be found at:
wfserver425-solx86.tar.gz Solaris x86 -  Version 4.25 Server Files.  (You must also download wfclient425-0.zip from the downloads page)
Special thanks to Zoran at PlanetEclipse for doing the port.

You can find out more information on how to set up a WF server on the server downloads page.

More WF sites

Some news from =PCI=Solicitor:

1) We have a Referee page up and running, and also a match server that teams of WF players can reserve to play on. There are about 14 refs on the page, I carefully picked out people from the community that I could trust to help me do this.


2) I am also going to be re-launching Gun Dreams with the help of Hinch. He has totally redesigned GD and will be merging it with Golopolis. I am going to be looking for an OGL reporter type person to write a weekly OGL recap for Gun Dreams too. Send submissions to sseller@uswest.net.

Monday, October 11th, 1999
The Music of the Weapons Factory
Thanks much to Captured.com for the following endorsement and support:

"w00p! If you saw the news piece below about the huge new MP3 page at Weapons Factory but didn't feel like downloading all 50+ MB to take a listen you're in luck! The guys in the GameSpy offices were so impressed they set up a new Shoutcast server running all the songs! Point WinAmp to or take a look in the Games genre with MP3Spy and you'll see "Captured.Com - Music of Weapons Factory" at the top of the list! Enjoy!"

Sunday, October 10th, 1999
We've revamped the WF MP3 page. There are now 18 songs, all with .mp3 extensions for direct download and play. One of our favorites is Call to Arms (4.56 meg). Check it out..


At this time bots only work with 4.21 server files, they are currently not used in version 4.25. Bots are computer controlled opponents that mimic human players. They are great for newbies getting started with WF, offline play and LAN parties where you need a few extra "players" to round out your teams. They are very easy to use and lots of fun. Here's a quickstart:

1) Download the latest WF client files. Unzip into your quake2\wf directory.

2) Download the latest WF maps. Unzip into your quake2\wf\maps directory.

3) Download the latest route files from WF Eraser Bots. Unzip into your quake2\wf\routes directory. If you don't use route files, your bots will be a lot dumber. Route files tell bots where to go in the map.

4) Download the WF 4.21 server files (depending on your operating system). If you've already installed server files, make a backup of them (especially customized server.cfg and wfserver.ini files). Then unzip 4.21 into your quake2\wf directory. Download problems? Go here to download the individual files that you need.

wfserver421-nt.zip Win 95/NT - Version 4.21 Server Files.
wfserver421a-unix.tar.gz Combined Linux/Solaris server for WF 4.21. Includes updated documentation and installation instructions for WF 4.21. .tar.gz version.
wfserver421a-unix.tar.z Combined Linux/Solaris server for WF 4.21. Includes updated documentation and installation instructions for WF 4.21. .tar.Z version for people who don't have gzip.
5) Start the game. From the Start menu of Windows 95/98, click on run. Browse over to wherever your Quake 2 directory is and start up a game with the following command:

quake2 +game wf +set ctf 1 +set deathmatch 1 +set maxclients 30

6) What map do you want? Pick a map in your quake2\wf\maps directory that has a corresponding route in your quake2\wf\routes directory. Bring down the console with the tilde key (~). Type "map acid3", or whatever map you want.

7) How many bots do you want? You can have up to 30. At the console type bot_num X where X is the number of bots you want.

Thursday, October 7th, 1999
WF's "TF for Quake 2" Released
Server admins, if you are interested in running our "TF for Q2" MOCK mod, please visit the server setup page.
Saturday, October 2nd, 1999
WF's "TF for Quake 2"
Using the WF Mod Construction Kit (MOCK 1), we've put together a "TF" mod for Quake 2. It took Tumorhead about an hour to define the nine TF classes using MOCK 1. JQuest has a server up right now at the TF VERSION (WF) 4.25 FINAL server, IP: Please drop in for a beta test/fight. We've tried to get it as close to TFC as possible, but had to be flexible given that the weapons used are a bit different. Once the beta test is done we'll make final adjustments and release it for server admins. It's kind of fun playing TF on WF maps : )
Thursday, September 30, 1999
New map for WF 4.25
We hope you've been enjoying 4.25 -- we know a lot of you have. Celebrating the new release, =SLJ=Oda has just provided us with possibly the best looking WF map ever: Citadels. There's an unusual amount of detail on this map, so this one will really put those TNT2s through their paces. Check it out.

WF 4.25 Server Op bulletin
We've noticed a lot servers still have old pak file materials lying about and they're often trying to autodownload old sound files to clients. Please clean out your directories or turn off the autodownload feature! Also, we strongly recommend that all servers make use of class limits: a good place to start is two (2) of each class per team.

OGL adopts 4.25
We've gratifying received word that OGL has already adopted 4.25 as its official tournament version. Of course, we're not so surprised given all the new ref features we added...

4.25 change list
Avenger sent along the programmers' revisions list for 4.25, which you can browse if you're curious. Also, except for a few areas, the Handbook has been brought up-to-date with 4.25.

Monday, September 27, 1999
WF 4.25 Released!
Following the release of the client files yesterday, server ops can now download the 4.25 server files here.

WF 4.25 Release Party!

Players: If you can, please join us for a WF 4.25 IRC release party on this Monday the 27th at 9:00pm Eastern US time. Join channel #wfogl on irc.enterthegame.com.

Server ops: If you are going to be a WF 4.25 server admin, please join us at 8:30pm on the same IRC channel to discuss how you are going to use the new features in 4.25 and the changes that were made on the server side.

If you have trouble connecting tonight to irc.enterthegame.com then try these IPs:,, or

Sunday, September 26, 1999
Hold onto your hats... there's a lot of news here (and a lot to download):

4.25 client ready for download
Getyer hot 4.25 WF client files here! You can now download the final WF 4.25 client, and you'll be ready to start playing tomorrow night at the official release. We've significantly changed the file deal, so listen up!

  • There are now two client downloads.
  • The first client download is the required pak of stuff: get it here (10MB).
  • The second client download contains the radio scripts and sounds and is optional but strongly recommended: get it here (5MB).
  • IMPORTANT: The 4.25 client files unzip as pak0 and pak1, respectively, so YOU MUST DELETE YOUR OLD pak5 FILE! Also be sure to get rid of any other pak files that might be kicking around, including the old radio scripts pak, because you won't need them any more.
  • There are no basic installation instructions in the first client download. Please refer to the WF Handbook. The second client download includes instructions in .txt and .pdf format for the radio script system.
  • 4.25 introduces various binding changes; please be sure to review the controls configuration pages of the WF Handbook.
New official map from Slacker
Alive Until Dawn2 is a brand-new map from Slacker that features a very straightforward but totally innovative layout. This simple, elegant map should make for some fast WF play.

New Headshot3 map revision by Tumorhead
To celebrate the release of 4.25, Tumorhead has released HeadShot3, a revision of HeadShot2. It's brighter and longer, with better two-way access to the ammo room. Much easier to move around and has ammo/armor on the ground floor. Built from the ground up for snipers : )

4.21 source code
The source code to WF 4.21 is now available for download. For more information, please visit the WF MOCK site.

Friday, September 24, 1999
It's finally here! Here's what's planned:
  1. Players: If you can, please join us for a WF 4.25 IRC release party on this Monday the 27th at 9:00pm Eastern US time. Join channel #wfogl on irc.enterthegame.com
  2. Server ops: If you are going to be a WF 4.25 server admin, please join us at 8:30pm on the same IRC channel to discuss how you are going to use the new features in 4.25 and the changes that were made on the server side
Also, Acrid has collected the old server versions and client packs. They are available in the "ClassicWF" section on the mirror sites or directly here: ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/planetquake/captured/weaponsfactory/classicwf/

WFQ3A forum
Dolomite asked us to pass on the news that he's got a WFQ3A message board set up on Rainbow Bridge Board. Go rattle your sabres.

For old news, please see the Archive.