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Cute Is What We Aim For
Posted by Truman Burden
Posted 11-05-2005
Interview with Fred of Cute Is What We Aim For:

You guys have been generating quite a buzz and you are a relatively new band. What do you think inspired people to get into your band?
I think it�s because of our name. It sticks out; ha, you're not going to forget a name like Cute Is What We Aim For.

Most new bands have to kind of build up a grass roots following and I know you guys try to stay in contact with fans, because you have your aim names posted on sites. How important do you think it for a new band to make sure fans can contact them?
I think it is super important. I remember I used to get guys screen names from bands I use to listen to, they could say one thing to me and I would be so stoked and tell all of my friends he's the nicest dude in the world. It will make your fans like you for more than your music.

You guys just got off a successful tour a while back with David Melillo & Rookie Of The Year. How did the tour go and what is one of the best stories from the tour?
Haha ahhh, so many stories. The tour was absolutely amazing. I played guitar throughout the whole tour, but that wasn�t planned. So our first show was a big disaster, because I didn�t know any of the songs, and we had a bunch of technical difficulties. But the next show, we got there and there were about 10 kids there to actually see us, and that was the best show on the tour. It was un-real that people actually came to see us. Oh! And funniest moments let me think. Honestly, we're like the most immature guys you will meet. People think we're crazy because we can find humor in ANYTHING, and we're all about inside jokes. So outsiders never really know what the hell we're talking about. So when we're in the van for long periods at a time, we tend to get restless, and then we just make each other laugh so hard about stuff that wasn�t even funny. So those are our funniest moments.

All of the bands that were on that tour are just now kind of breaking out. What were the shows like? Was it a clean slate for kids to find a new band?
Basically...none of the shows was huge except the hometown shows, so there would usually only be about 50 kids at each show, sometimes we'd have random big shows, and sometimes we'd play in front of two people. But if those two people were there to see us, it would be amazing. We'd do our best to give them the best show.

You guys have a new tour coming up. Who all are you going out with? And do you have any surprises for fans?
We are going out with David Melillo on Drive Thru Records again, we've become great friends with him and his crew, so we're excited to just hang out. Also coming along is Tourmaline on No Milk Records. For surprises, we are going to be playing a new song in our set, so we're excited to see how people react to it.

Now I have to ask because you pointed it out, Cute Is What We Aim For is a stand out name how did you guys decide on that name?
Well Shaant is the founder of this band. So him and I were talking on the phone one day before there were even talks of anybody actually playing in this non-existent band at the time. He basically just said "I need a band name, its gotta be Cute, we're aiming for Cute here". So yeah, there�s not really a cool story behind our name, and that was the name before any of us were really members.

You said you played guitar on the last tour, but you also played guitar on the demos. How did this come about?
Yeah, I am the bassist of Cute. When we first started, I was playing guitar and we didn�t have a bassist. "Teasing To Please" was the first demo we had ever recorded, so at that time we didn�t have a bass player, so I just played bass on that demo, and then did my guitar parts as well. Then during the summer, I just reunited with the guys basically, and was just "filling in" on guitar, because at that time we had a bass player. So after the summer, our bass player left the band, and we had a show coming up a few days after, so I figured I'll just play bass for that show, and then I kinda liked it, and we didn�t sound bad as a 4 piece, so I figured I'll just do it. So I did! After our tour, we went and recorded in NYC with Shep Goodman. And we re-wrote a lot of the bass parts in the studio, and our old bassist didn�t pick up too quick, so I played bass on a lot of the new stuff as well. I guess I just like to brag, haha.

I noticed on your myspace you list a couple of newer bands as influence like HelloGoodbye and My American Heart. Many bands only want to embrace older bands as influences do you think it is important to draw influence from newer music as well?
I don�t know, I never really thought about it. I wouldn�t say that those newer bands influence our writing style, those are just the bands we love, and that get us through our lives.

What is the one band you have been super impressed with lately?
I'd have to say Panic! At The Disco. They just came out of nowhere and sold 10 thousands records the first week their album came out and they�re on the biggest tour of the year. Holy shit.

You are a band on the rise what are some bands you think by this time next year will be a household name?
David Melillo!!! My goodness, I've heard his new EP with his full band, kids are going to go wild over it.

I understand you have been recording and you have a new EP ready, what should fans expect from the new material?
Well the EP is just sort of "eh". We re-did a lot of the songs, and threw in a couple new ones, and they sound great. It�s really not what we were going for. So we're recording a full length this winter on a label TBA, so maybe you'll see some of those songs on there.

I try to do this every interview where I ask some random questions. Here are yours:

What do your parents do?
My mom is a sales women for Pitney Bowes... she's about 5 ft, but honestly the scariest woman alive. In a good way!

Halloween was a couple days ago, what is the scariest movie you have ever seen?
Hmm, well we all went to see Saw 2. That would be way scarier if members of New Kids On The Block weren�t in it�whoops. I'm not sure what the scariest movie I've ever seen is. I'll say Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

What is your favorite trend to embrace...without being caught?
Ha, the fur hoods on winter coats!! I sport one, but I'm not proud of it.

The OC love it or hate it, and why?
Love it AND hate it. How clich� and predictable can one show be? On the other hand, how cool is Seth Cohen? And how badly do you want to see the next episode?

What is the worst cartoon you have ever seen?
Kim Possible. Honestly, give me a friggen break.
Hey, man it does have the brother from Boy Meets World.
Haha I think I speak for America when I say that it�s the biggest let down to turn to the Disney Channel and NOT see Boys Meets World.

Who was your favorite power ranger growing up?
I always liked Tommy, the white ranger. That red ranger took himself too seriously, and let�s be real; NOBODY liked that geek, Billy and nobody took the girl power rangers seriously.
I liked Tommy when he was the green ranger.
Haha same!! I forgot he even was the green ranger.

What is your favorite line from a cute is... song?
Favorite line from a Cute song. I'd have to say a line from the first Cute song ever, which was just Shaant and I in Shaant's room, it�s called "Don�t Hesitate to Hate," and the line is "Consider me weak like the week after Christmas." I'm pretty sure you can find it on limewire or something like that. Ha it�s horrible, but I love it.

Well I guess that about wraps it up. Thanks for answering the questions. Do you have any closing comments?
Ahh!! I can�t think. I'll be clich� and cheesy and say, "support local music."
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Old 11-10-2005, 10:53 AM   #2
mouths of babes
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I haven't heard this band Truman but but they're already -1 in my book. You can't diss boy meets world. Personally, I find it very exciting when I turn on the tv to find an episode of boy meets world. Especially when it's a pre-high school graduation episode.
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haha.. this band is pretty bad. fueled by ramen must see something in them though.
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fueled by ramen are making good choices lately..not saying i like what they're putting out but what they have put out has been successful. i think these guys will fair well.
ps.what they did do to their manager was cold.
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Old 01-23-2006, 09:40 PM   #5
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Cool Wow

ok. im not saying these guys are the best, nor are they the worst. but its okay cause theyre working on there music and improving it and whatnot. w.e. but i have something to say to "mouth of babes" 1. i cant believe you gave them a -1, you havent even heard them play. 2. he didnt diss boy meets world. if you had read carefully he said "Haha I think I speak for America when I say that it�s the biggest let down to turn to the Disney Channel and NOT see Boys Meets World.

i just think you should give them a chance and actually listen to their music before you decide to judge them. esp as a whole band, considering that only one of the band members were being interviewed.

psh. - r0mantic_suicide -
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??? Someone is confused.
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Old 01-24-2006, 07:44 AM   #7
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I will never like these guys.
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Old 02-21-2006, 01:03 PM   #8
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I disagree. This band kicks ass.

Keep the music alive.

^^ that was pretty lame. =[
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Old 02-21-2006, 01:18 PM   #9
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hmmm... don't know about this band... just don't know.
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Lot of neewbs in this thread.
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Old 02-27-2006, 09:35 PM   #11
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Good interview, cute band name, mediocre music.
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