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Attorney Karen Barth-Menzies:
The Paxil Addiction Case*** (3/17/04)
A Comprehensive Update of SSRI Developments*** (4/7/04)
Pending Drug Litigation and Related Matters*** (6/16/04)
Focus: The Court's Rejection of an FDA Amicus Brief*** (9/30/2005)
Forbes Radio: Antidepressant Litigation*** (date unknown)

Attorney Andy Vickery:
Puzzling Paradox of SSRI Induced Suicide***

David Healy, M.D.
"How Pharmaceutical Companies
Mold our Perceptions of Mental Illness"
*** (10/20/2003)

Peter Breggin, M.D.
Interview with Dr. Breggin

BBC Panorama Programs:
Seroxat: Interactive Discussion***
Secrets of Seroxat: Personal Experiences**

Movies, Trailers, Animations, etc.:
Prescription: Suicide?**
"Sicko" (Michael Moore, mid 2006 release date anticipated)
Side Effects*
The Constant Gardener***
The Corporation***
The Drugs I Need!*

"Mauled by Myodil":
What is Adhesive Arachnoiditis***
Myodil Investigation — A New Zealander Speaks Out**

PBS Frontline:
The "Dangerous Prescription" series***

Jean-Pierre Garnier, GSK's CEO (2/11/05)
David Stout, GSK President US Pharmaceuticals (6/30/2005)
Jean-Pierre Garnier, GSK's CEO (7/28/2005)
Christopher Viehbacher, GSK President (U.S.) (8/16/05)
"We take the safety of our medicines extremely seriously...."
"Discontinuation of Paxil treatment"
Donny Osmond selling "Social Anxiety Disorder" for GSK
"Do More, Feel Better, Live Longer"

David Shaffer, M.D., (TeenScreen mastermind) on adolescent suicide
Paxil pitchman Terry Bradshaw in "rare form" (4/18/03)
Transporter Inhibition: Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors