E-mails from the Edge

Here is a sampling of e-mails sent by visitors to the Paxil Protest web site.

If you would like to drop us a line recounting your "experience with Paxil therapy" please use this link: My Paxil story. Please note that submission does not guarantee publication.

It is important you convey your story as accurately and honestly as possible. (What matters is for the world to see the unvarnished truth.) Only first names are published.

Before writing: Please note that we will not publish any alleged Paxil "success stories," as such claims risk encouraging people to try, or continue using, this extraordinarily dangerous and defective drug. However, if Paxil "works" for you ... more power to you. Just remember we're here as a resource to give you a helping hand if you find you've fallen off into the Paxilian addiction/dependency/withdrawal abyss.

All e-mails published are unedited, save for punctuation errors.

From "Kym" on October 19th, 2005
I was taking Paxil for 4 & 1/2 years. And yes it increased suicide thoughts and when I would try to stop taking it I would get withdraws like crazy. When I went though the withdrawals it was like a crack fiend. I'm just thankful I stopped taking it. I was 12 years old when I started taking it. I stopped talking it when I was 17. I gained so much weight. I would sleep 15 hours a day with no problem. Then I got really sick and couldn't take it. I have been off it for almost 2 years and I lost weight. I'm not tired. I feel alive again. I was taking it for social anxiety disorder and OCD. And all the information you gave me today really made me think. Thank you really.

From "Nancy" on September 27th, 2005
Hi. I just found out that there is a Paxil protest and I want to support it b/c I have had trouble going off of Paxil and I am also having trouble staying on it. I've been on it for 13 years and it has taken my life b/c I was unable to have kids and am now experiencing withdrawal effects while still on it. Please keep me informed of the outcome of the protest. It's like living in hell as you probably know.

From "Susan" on September 18th, 2005
I commend you on all you are doing. I, too, was on Paxil.  It did far more than just being a drug I couldn't get off. It destroyed my physical health.  For three and one half years, I was seen by the "best" doctors in Beverly Hills and in Santa Monica.  I spent three months at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. I was so sick, doctors told me to prepare for my death. I began to study on the Internet. I cold-turkeyed, lived in Paxhell, and was told by my doctor that I would die, if I didn't get back on the Paxil, that it was the most addictive of all drugs. I went back on, after 11 days of having lost 14 pounds and almost dying of shaking, falling, akathisia, and starvation. I was one who tapered by myself. Three weeks after my last Paxil, I had not one of the physical illnesses that all were so sure were an "occult" or "atypical" cancer that they could not find.  "There has to be an umbrella for so many and such disparate illnesses!" I was completely well!  Threw away all medications for physical illness, and that proved that the Paxil was the cause of all the illness, the "occult" cancer, the umbrella they were trying so hard to find!

From "unknown" on September 14th, 2005
I have decided to give in to my Paxil battle — that's right I have lost in a big way. I tried again to come off it for the 5 or 6th time and it drove me to constantly think of throwing myself off my balcony. I got up 3 times in one night just to look at it and try to assess if it would kill me or just break bones. I also wanted to cut my arms. I kept on getting these really gruesome thoughts ... very, very gross it's not like I thought of overdosing or anything (which is more like me I'm a big chicken for pain) it was always very bloody and very painful and disgusting. This is not me. I have never been this way, as a matter-of-fact I never understood why some people did it. I cried constantly. My worry was not worry anymore it was sheer and utter terror it was a nightmare. It was a living hell to say the least. I'm way too scared to go through that again. It is too dark and too much of a scary place for me to venture to. Paxil owns me now and it probably always will. I can see the rest of my life now, I'll probably keep putting on weight till it kills me or the Paxil will first either way there is no way out for me anymore. Very, very, very discouraged.

From "Lesley" on September 14th, 2005
Hello, I find your readings a credit to you and appreciate everything you are doing to help people with this terrible life long addiction. Count me as one of them as I have been on the drug for nearly eight years after having a difficult time with alcohol addiction. I now find I am a person now trapped with this medication for the rest of my life, I have tried to come off the drug with help from my doctor but to no avail ... I was mentally and physically a wreck within 48 hours. My whole body was shaking and I was so aggressive I frightened my children, I also felt as if I was having electric shocks in my brain and that my brain was going to explode. How awful so now I do not bother thinking about coming off the medication. I live from day to day with the thought [do not forget your medication or you will suffer]. Do I have to live the rest of my life like this? I would say YES. I think GSK should not be so cruel and own up to there wrongs ASAP. They want to take the drug and see the truth. Thank you for reading this message. I wish i could be in Philadelphia with every one else but I can not my pennies will not stretch that far but my heart goes out to all my fellow sufferers.

From "Doug" on September 14th, 2005
I have been taking Paxil/Seroxat now for 8 years. I have tried to withdraw 4 times now all to no avail. These tablets have caused numerous side-effects, and to withdraw from the drug is unbearable. I live in the UK what would you suggest I do?

From "Peter" on September 9th, 2005
We fully support your protest against GSK, we in Australia, Australian Arachnoiditis Sufferers (Queensland Association) [who] have suffered from the effects of MYODIL. We will start off with litigation, the bigger picture is to force the federal government to an inquiry into the use and abuse of oil based and water based dyes, a 42 year conspiracy and cover-up involving Federal and State governments, GlaxoSmithKline, Eastman Kodak, and the medical profession. We also will demand a medical research and compensation foundation with an arachnoiditis registry, to be established to look after future sufferers and as this passed onto siblings, it is a scary scenario, what with these large multinationals running amok, must be reined in, this must be the worst medical scandal of the 20th century, gross negligence of a biblical scale. The medical profession must be held accountable also, what with huge kick backs from the drug companies to write prescriptions and not studying the medical journals and information concerning side effects of drugs. We in Australia hopefully in 2006 to commence protests the politicians here do not want anything to do with our cause so it will be an uphill battle, having to get out of our sick beds to be heard, they are gutless and the way we have been so far denied natural justice, THEY HAVE NO CONSCIENCE.

From "HouFei" on September 5th, 2005
First of all, thanks for the WONDERFUL site! My boyfriend has been on Paxil for 7 years.  When it was first prescribed to him, he was told that he could get off it in a couple of weeks.  But what a lie!  We mentioned to the psychiatrist a couple of months ago that he wants to lower the dosage, the doctor wouldn't even hear of it.  So we decided to do it on our own.  We cut off about 3 milligrams for about a month, he experienced mood swings, flu like symptoms, nausea, fatigue, but generally it was tolerable.  However, 4 days after we cut off about 3 milligrams more, he started to have SVT and ended up in the emergency room.  Doctors in the emergency rooms thought it unlikely that there was a relationship between his SVT and Paxil withdrawal, but we found thousands of pages on the net about Paxil and SVT. Anyways, as the result of the incidents, he is back to taking 40 milligrams for now.  However, he is determined to get off that evil pill.  We are praying to all higher intelligence that the drug has not caused him irreversible brain damage or other life long effects.  That was another question we kept on asking the psychiatrist and was brushed off by the answer "well, at least it's giving you a life now."  A life dictated by Paxil is no real life! I am so angry at the whole situation, and it's heartbreaking to see him struggle ...  we need to find a doctor who is pro-Paxil withdrawal and is experienced with it to help us through the rough journey.  Do you know doctors in the Baltimore, DC area, or even in Philadelphia that you could refer to us?  Your response will be so greatly appreciated!

From "Gloria" on August 30th, 2005
I am currently pursuing a lawsuit against GSK for the death of my husband while taking Advair.  Since his death 10 months ago I have just recently been prescribed and am taking Paxil.  Thank God I found your website!!!  I will definitely be asking my doctor to change my medication. I have the belief that GSK has failed to provide information to doctors and patients about the adverse side affects of the drug Advair also. My best wishes and prayers will be with you throughout your protest.  I only wish I could be there, too.  The fines and judgments these companies are receiving are mere fractions of a cent compared to the profits they are making.  Something needs to be done.  GOOD LUCK and GOD BE WITH YOU!!!

From "Richard" on August 18th, 2005
I am a 60% disabled Vietnam Era Vet that went to the VA for chronic foot pain and Hep "C" from their innoculation machinnes that they did not change the tips on so I contracted Hep "C" from the military. I have a VA card and documentation of all I am telling you. The VA "made" me take Paxil and I could not tolerate it after awhile and also attempted suicide. Since I refused to take the drug I have been refused treatment by the VA. They made it so difficult for me after refusing Paxil that they referred me to a clinic 120 miles each way twice a week. The goverment forced Paxil on me and they forced it on many other patients I met. It seemed as if all they did was prescribe Paxil for everything. I cannot afford to fly to PA but I sure would like to participate in some kind of nature.

From "Teresa" on August 17th, 2005
Hi, My mom has been on Paxil for 6 years.  I told her there were lawsuits against Paxil.  She would "die" without it — I found your website today via a friend of mine.  I am printing every page and taking it to her. Pray for her.  Her name is Emily. Thank you.

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