Channel 4 has confirmed that nominations will take place as usual this week, giving the housemates the impression that nothing is afoot.

From the nominees - to be announced on Tuesday - the public will vote for who they want to enter the secret second house.

When the result is delivered on Friday, the housemate in question will believe that they are actually being evicted. After he or she has walked up the eviction stairs and the door to the house has been closed, he or she will be led into the second house.

The five new housemates will then enter one by one, just as the original housemates did on launch night. Like everyone else, they have no idea about the twist.

The six living in the second house will live "parallel lives" to the eight next door but will be "set their own special tasks".

Some of them will also move into the main house "before too long" but exactly how or when remains to be seen.