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23 referees from 21 countries

23 referees from 21 different countries will officiate at the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™. This decision was reached by the FIFA Referees Committee in early May after closely evaluating and analysing the test results of 80 assistant referees at a workshop in Frankfurt/Neu-Isenburg between
18 and 21 April.

At a meeting on 31 March, the FIFA Referees Committee selected 23 referees from the 44 candidates who attended a workshop and completed a series of tests in Frankfurt/Neu-Isenburg from 21 to 25 March. Twenty of these match officials will now be in charge of matches at the FIFA World Cup finals in Germany.

Unfortunately, Carlos Batres had to pull out of the fitness tests during the assistant referees' workshop at the end of March. The Guatemalan official has been forced to admit defeat in his attempts to regain full fitness after suffering a cruciate ligament injury in December 2005 that has ended his 2006 FIFA World Cup ambitions. Batres will be replaced in Germany by Mexico's Marco Rodriguez. Belgium's Frank De Bleeckere, who failed to complete the fitness tests in March due to injury, successfully passed the tests in April and will now make his debut as a FIFA World Cup referee.

Greek referee Kyros Vassaras and his Spanish counterpart Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez had also been due to take part in the FIFA World Cup finals, but as some of their assistants failed to reach the required standards in Frankfurt/Neu-Isenburg, Vassaras and Mejuto Gonzalez have also been taken off the list.  They will be replaced by two original members of the support and development group, Italy's Roberto Rosetti and Spain's Luis Medina Cantalejo.

The referees, who for the first time will have FIFA World Cup assistants from the same country or the same confederation, will be representing 21 different countries. Italy and Mexico will be the only countries to have two referees in action in Germany.

The support and development group - another FIFA World Cup first - will now consist of five referees and ten assistants who will only step into the fray in the event of another match official being unable to take part for whatever reason, such as injury or illness for example. These 15 match officials will be fully integrated into the team of referees for the FIFA World Cup. They will take part in all training sessions and meetings, and as such, they will be ready to spring into action at any time. They will thus also have the opportunity to gain crucial experience of a FIFA World Cup™.

The refereeing trios will arrive in Germany on 26 May, using the Hotel Kempinski Gravenbruch in Frankfurt/Neu-Isenburg as their headquarters for the duration of the tournament. All match officials will be required to undergo further tests before the FIFA World Cup gets underway.

FIFA will announce the identity of the refereeing trio for each of the 64 matches of the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™ 48 hours in advance.

Details of the 23 referees assigned to the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany:

  Surname  First Name  Country  Date of Birth
Referee :     ABD EL FATAH  Essam  Egypt 30.12.1965
Assistants :         DANTE Dramane Mali  09.12.1961
  NDOYE Mamadou  Senegal 27.12.1961
Referee :           AMARILLA Carlos  Paraguay 26.10.1970
Assistants :           ANDINO Amelio  Paraguay  24.12.1962
  BERNAL Manuel  Paraguay  17.06.1963
Referee :           ARCHUNDIA  Benito  Mexico  21.03.1966
Assistants :           RAMIREZ José Mexico 27.11.1962
  VERGARA         Hector Canada 15.12.1966
Referee :           BUSACCA Massimo Switzerland 06.02.1969
Assistants :        BURAGINA Francesco Switzerland 07.01.1966
ARNET       Matthias Switzerland 02.06.1968
Referee :           CODJIA Coffi Benin 09.12.1967
Assistants :        NTAGUNGIRA Celestin Rwanda 11.05.1966
       ADERODJOU Aboudou  Benin 13.02.1961
Referee :  DE BLEECKERE Frank Belgium 01.07.1966
Assistants :         HERMANS Peter  Belgium 27.06.1966
  VROMANS       Walter Belgium 21.04.1968
Referee :            DE SANTIS Massimo Italy 08.04.1962
Assistants :         GRISELLI Alessandro Italy 31.05.1974
IVALDI          Marco Italy 04.07.1961
Referee :          ELIZONDO Horacio Argentina 04.11.1963
Assistants :          GARCIA Dario Argentina 29.10.1961
  OTERO         Rodolfo Argentina 14.12.1962
Referee : IVANOV Valentin Russia 04.07.1961
Assistants :         GOLUBEV Nikolay Russia 09.11.1970
  VOLNIN          Evgueni Russia 27.06.1962
Referee :          KAMIKAWA Toru Japan 08.06.1963
Assistants : HIROSHIMA Yoshikazu Japan 22.05.1962
Dae Young Korea Republic 15.08.1962
 Referee :        LARRIONDA Jorge Uruguay 09.03.1968
Assistants :           RIAL Walter Uruguay 09.01.1964
  FANDINO         Pablo Uruguay 11.10.1966
Referee :          MAIDIN Shamsul Singapore 16.04.1966
Assistants :         PERMPANICH Prachya Thailand 13.08.1962
  GHULOUM       Eisa UAE 01.03.1966
Referee : MEDINA CANTALEJO Luis Spain 01.03.1964
Assistants :        GIRALDEZ CARRASCO Victoriano Spain 18.09.1964
  MEDINA HERNANDEZ Pedro Spain 17.12.1962
Arbitre : MERK Markus Germany 15.03.1962
Assistants :      SCHRAER   Christian  Germany 15.03.1962
  SALVER        Jan-Hendrik Germany 01.03.1969
Referee : MICHEL Lubos Slovakia 16.05.1968
Assistants :      SLYSKO Roman Slovakia 04.08.1973
  BALKO        Martin Slovakia 08.03.1972
Referee :          POLL Graham England 29.07.1963
Assistants :          SHARP Philip England 05.04.1964
  TURNER        Glenn England 06.11.1964
Referee :            POULAT Eric France 08.12.1963
Assistants :        DAGORNE Lionel France 09.07.1961
  TEXIER Vincent France 25.11.1962
Referee :         PRENDERGAST Peter Jamaica 23.09.1963
Assistants :        GARWOOD Anthony Jamaica 15.12.1972
  TAYLOR         Joseph Trinidad and Tobago 06.10.1964
Referee :          RODRIGUEZ Marco Mexico 10.11.1973
Assistants :   CAMARGO José Luis Mexico 25.09.1972
LEAL Leonel Costa Rica 21.11.1976
Referee :         ROSETTI  Roberto Italy 18.09.1967
Assistants :        COPELLI Cristiano Italy 14.06.1967
  STAGNOLI Alessandro Italy 02.02.1965
Referee :       RUIZ Oscar Colombia 01.11.1969
Assistants :       TAMAYO Fernando Equador 17.12.1963
  NAVIA         José Colombia 05.12.1963
Referee :          SHIELD Mark Australia 02.09.1973
Assistants :           GIBSON Nathan Australia 17.08.1972
  WILSON         Ben Australia 26.06.1975
Referee :            SIMON Carlos Brazil 03.09.1965
Assistants :   TAVARES Aristeu Brazil 17.10.1962
  CORONA       Ednilson Brazil 04.02.1965

The five teams of three making up the support and development group :

Referee :  
AL GHAMDI  Khalil   Saudi Arabia  02.09.1970
Assistants : 
AL KADRI  Hamdi   Syria   12.04.1965
RABATI   Fathi   Jordan  05.02.1964

CHANDIA  Carlos   Chile   14.11.1964
Assistants : 
JULIO   Cristian   Chile   11.02.1964
GONZALEZ  Rodrigo   Chile   21.12.1962

Referee :  
DAMON   Jerome   South Africa   04.04.1972
Assistants :
MOLEFE   Enock   South African   04.06.1968
YEBOAH   Justice   Ghana   23.04.1961

Referee :
GUEZZAZ  Mohamed  Morocco   01.10.1962
Assistants :
DJEZZAR   Brahim   Algeria   23.01.1963
ENDENG ZOGO  Jean Marie  Cameroon  11.10.1962

Referee :
STOTT   Kevin   USA   09.07.1967
Assistants :
STRICKLAND  Chris   USA   29.11.1966
BARKEY   Gregory   USA   20.08.1963

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