Rainbow Shaggy Plush Felt
and Rainbow Classic Felt
Larry the Lizard - NEW
June 2000

Designed by Barbara Swanson

Larry measures 23" from nose to tail and 23" across from fingertip to fingertip.


  • Rainbow Shaggy Plush Felt; 1/2 yard or (2) 18" x 22 1/2" craft cuts Groovy Green
  • Rainbow Classic Felt 9" x 12";
      (1) Coral Dawn
      (1) Limbo Lime
      (1) Wave Green
      (1) Mango Tango
      (1) Yellow
      (1) Misty Blue
      (1) White
      (1) Black
  • 12 oz. bag of Poly-fil® by Fairfield
  • Dimensional paint - White, Black
  • Embroidery Floss - Yellow, Black
  • Fabric glue
  • Stuffing tool or chopstick (optional)
  • General supplies: sewing threads to coordinate with materials, scissors, pins, sewing machine, hand sewing needles, ruler, pencil, compass (optional), washable chalk marker.
Read all instructions carefully before beginning.

WRST = With Right Sides Together; WRSO = With Right Sides Out.
Step 1: Cut felt as directed on the pattern pieces. Use the chalk to transfer all markings for darts and placements. Note that a 1/4" seam allowance is included, where needed. All seams should be clipped and trimmed after stitching.

Step 2: Measure and cut the following additional felt pieces:
    3" circle - (2) of Coral Dawn (for tail)
    11/2" circle
      (10) of Coral Dawn (for back spots)
      (2) of Wave Green (for tail spots)
    1" circle - (2) of Mango Tango (for eyes)
    3/4" circle -(10) of Wave Green (for back spots)
    1/2" circle - two of Black (for eyes)
    3" X 3/4" strips
      (4) of Coral Dawn
      (4) of Wave Green (for leg bands)
    1" X 7" strip - (1) of Yellow (for neck band)
    1/4" triangle - (2) of Yellow (for nostrils)
Step 3: WRST, pin and stitch the two body bottom sections together along the center seam, leaving a 6" opening at the center for turning. Set aside.

Step 4: WRSO, pin the two spine sections together. Edge stitch along the top edge.

Step 5: Pin the spine to the right side of one of the top body sections, aligning the straight edges. Baste in place. WRST, pin and stitch the top sections together at the center seam.
Work stitch from left to right. Come up at A, hold thread down with thumb, go down at B and emerge at C. Bring needle tip over the thread and pull into place. Keep the vertical lines straight and even.
Step 6: Pin a Wave Green circle on each corresponding Coral Dawn circle. Using two strands of black floss, Blanket Stitch the Wave Green circles in place. Set the two completed larger tail spots aside. Pin the smaller spots to the lizard's back, five on each side. Using three strands of yellow floss, Blanket Stitch the spots in place.

Step 7: Pin and stitch darts of the head top and head bottom. Stitch one head section to the body top along theneck edge. Repeat for the body bottom.

Step 8: WRST, pin two leg sections together. Stitch the side seams, leaving the ends open. Turn right side out. Repeat for the remaining legs.

Step 9: WRSO, pin two feet sections together, sandwiching the narrow end of one leg between the layers at the "ankle" area. Edge stitch along the entire foot. Repeat for the remaining legs and feet.

Step 10: Pin the upper legs to the right side of the body top as designated on the pattern, having "thumbs" facing toward the head. Baste in place. With right sides facing, pin body sections together. Stitch the body sections together, leaving the tip of the tail (end) unstitched. Turn body right side out.

Step 11: WRSO, pin the tail spots together, sandwiching the tip of the tail between them. Edge stitch the "spot" to the tail to secure. Blanket stitch along the edge with three strands of yellow floss.

Step 12: Firmly stuff the head with Poly-filŪ. Stuff the body to a medium firmness. Stitch the center bottom seam closed.

Step 13: Wrap each "ankle" with a Wave Green band, overlapping ends. Stitch ends together to secure. Wrap each "knee" with a Coral Dawn band, overlapping ends. Stitch ends together to secure. Wrap the neck with the yellow band, overlapping ends. Stitch ends together to secure.

Step 14: Layer and glue eye sections together. Place eyes as desired and glue to head. Glue nostril triangles in place.

Step 15: Use the White dimensional paint to add a highlight dot to each pupil. Refer to the model for suggested placement and draw a smile along the seamline using the Black dimensional paint. Allow the paint to dry.

Click here to view and print patterns.

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