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A New, (New) Brief History of Electric Six

We used to be called the Wildbunch. We had to change our name because we wanted a shot at the big time. We got our shot, but we are not entirely sure that this is the big time. We think this is more of a hazy limbo with no end in sight. We are not sure if God remembers us or cares who we are. Over the years, we reckon we've had 4 different guitar players, 4 different bass players, 5 different keyboard players and 3 different drummers. We use stage names because we had a stupid idea one night and now we have to live with it.

We are from Detroit. We love Detroit. We love the fact that Detroit is the only place where the USA is north of Canada and we love our mayor Kwame, even though he will most likely no longer be our mayor very shortly.

We started as the Wildbunch in 1996. We middle-aged and na´ve then and we were just happy to be gigging around Detroit at places like the Gold Dollar and the Old Miami. We put out a full-length CD called Rock Empire and a few 7" singles on Flying Bomb records. We felt like rock stars if we got to play Cleveland and Cincinnati in the same weekend. We told people we were on tour. We were middle-aged and na´ve.

We were signed to our first record deal in 2002 by XL Recordings, LTD, 1 Codrington Mews, W11 2EH. We were informed that we needed to change our name if we wanted a shot at the big time. We wanted a shot at the big time, so we changed our name to Electric Six to maximize the potential of the aforementioned shot. We feel Electric Six is the best name for a band ever. We provide you with a list (*) of the disregarded band names we entertained as potential monikers. We recorded our first full-length release as Electric Six and released it in 2003. We called this record Fire. We noticed an abundance of the word fire on this record and we decided to go with it. We were compared to Tenacious D quite a bit, which was strange to us because there are six of us, we aren't on television and we aren't very funny. We toured extensively in 2003 and semi-extensively in 2004. We've been to five continents and we've been to Ibiza, which is close to Africa. As XTC would say, It's Nearly Africa.

We were dropped by XL Recordings, LTD, 1 Codrington Mews, W11 2EH, in Oct. 2003 and told by their leader that it might be the best thing that ever happened to us. He was wrong about that. We then set out to secure another record deal. We hunkered down at Chez Colonel and wrote the bulk of what would become our second record. We shopped these songs around, and we found a taker in Warner Music UK. They scooped us up the way a large whale scoops up plankton. That is to say, we became part of the whale, but the whale barely noticed.

In Feb. 2005, our second record Senor Smoke was released in the UK and Australia. We felt this record was stronger than its predecessor and demonstrated our growth as musicians and men. Warner Music UK had a different take. They believed our strength lay in covering Queen and they also believed the wisest marketing strategy was to bypass the wealthiest country in the world. They showed us surveillance pictures of our relatives and told us that if we wanted to increase the odds of them eating solid food for the rest of their lives, then we better get into that studio and cough up some Queen.

We were released from Warner Music UK in Oct. 2005 and we have wheels in motion to finally put Senor Smoke out in America in February 2006. These wheels will continue to turn and should eventually see us through to the release of our third record in the fall of 2006.

We've been places and seen things but we are still hungry, Jack.

List of disregarded band names

·  Fuxedo
·  The Turkeys
·  The Action News
·  Fashion (already taken)
·  The Pretty Boys
·  The Street Girls
·  The Sex Stars of 1977
·  The Carbohydrates
·  The Goods
·  The Threads
·  Detroit Pythons
·  Rocket 456
·  Goober and the Carrots
·  Black Guy
·  Shanter shumpt
·  The Push (already taken)
·  Mutual of Omaha's Wildbunch
·  Der Wildbunchen
·  Electric Five

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