UFO Sightings Daily Histogram: 1947

1947 Daily UFO Histogram

The UFO wave of 1947 started rising early in June .. two weeks before the famous Kenneth Arnold sighting of June 24th,  and three weeks before "Roswell".   Oddly, the wave stopped faster than it started.

The busiest single day in *U* data was 7 July 1947 with 82 separate reports; followed by 6 July (72), 4 July (52) 8 July (48) and so on.   Sightings with vague or unknown dates are excluded from these counts.

An 11-day running-average, (the white curve) shows upward and downward trends.

Major meteor showers are shown in colors,   but this unprecedented deluge fell well between them.   This page updated April, 2006.

Compare to the 1957 Histogram.

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