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*U* UFO Database

The *U* DATABASE is a serious 20 year UFO research effort to catalog, map
and do statistical functions on a filtered set of UFO sightings throughout history.

Having passed through several platforms,   *U* is now a large stand-alone DOS
application, written in C-language for PC, with supporting files.
*U* is unique.   The only part 'off-the-shelf' was the Borland C-language compiler.

==> There is no MacIntosh version. <==

*U* will run Windows 3.1, W-95, W-98 and Windows-ME, plus DOS itself (chuckle!)

Sadly, the latest versions of Windows (NT, XP) no longer support DOS,
so the *U* UFO software will not run under them at all.

Because of this, I can no longer offer *U* for public sale
and the order form has been removed from this page.

IF   you are still running in DOS, Windows 95 or W-98 .. you can download
a very dated and restricted freeware version here ==>     Download *UDEMO*

Eventually, no time soon, *U* will be offered again as a true (non-obsolete) Windows application.
Please do not ask for free copies of the full old version in the meantime.

Meanwhile,   UFO data is actively researched, updated and maintained as always.
My work centers on historical sightings that have stood the test of time, and/or are well documented.
At present, I am concentrating on the early decades of the 'modern era'.

*U* was never intended to be a clearing house or reporting center for UFO sightings.
For a good online listing of recent reports, some going back decades, I recommend
the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) at this link: NUFORC
Sightings there are neatly organized by year and month.

- Larry Hatch

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

As of June 2006, *U* holds 18,552 carefully filtered UFO events, distilled
from hundreds of books, major journals, catalogs, correspondence and other sources.
Scope is world-wide, for all dates from antiquity to the present.

Click to see a long list of ==> *U* Source References.
It took two decades to sift carefully through that mountain of materials.

Junk "UFOs" ( night-lights, fireballs, discovered hoaxes etc.) are systematically
filtered out.   Otherwise, *U* would bloat to several times its present size.

Some well known cases, later discredited, appear here: DISCREDITED Sightings.

One of my favorites from that list is an undersea photograph: The Eltanin Antenna.


Data Retrieval:

Users would set Search Limits from any all or none of some 90+ filters.    For example, screen data by Geographical Coordinates, Dates, hours of the day ( any set! ) 64 different "Attributes", by keyword / Search-Phrase, Continent, Country, Environment, Strangeness, Credibility, References and more, .. in any combination.

A special mechanism tags any record or set of records automatically or manually, for special studies.

One example was a policeman who wanted all sightings from Georgia, and all others anywhere involving the police.     He could have further limited and refined the data 80+ different ways if he chose.

Global UFO Maps

*U* maps any or all sightings, using the same filters, anywhere on the globe.
Maps zoom in and out; shift up, down, left, right.
Map displays may jump to most any country with 2 or 3 keys.

UFO sightings show as 1 to 4 pixels. The user may adjust brightness and colors.
Up to four different groups of sightings may be displayed on the same map screens,
each color-group with a unique set of search filters.

A special "Rotation-Map" feature scans thru the data, erasing older sightings as it adds new ones.
This shows UFO activity shifting from place to place over time.

Maps may be shown on a "flat" or spherical projection.     From the flat map, you can click your mouse
on a sighting-pixel and retrieve the original record from the data!

See some samples UFO MAP Screens.

*   STEP or JUMP through the records.     Jump to any year.
    Step forward and backward by months. ( Records are strictly chronological )

*   One Keystroke will display a map with the last record perfectly centered !

*   Perform numerous built in statistical functions, again with or without the filter mechanism described above.

*   Editing data:   Any record may be altered or deleted at any time. New records are added regularly.

*   Printouts: Any screen-dumps ( data retrieval ) can be mirrored to a printer.

*   All records show at least one good reference.   Some well documented cases list 2, 3 or more.

*   *U* can SEARCH by Date;   Time of day;   Continent,   Country,   State or Province;   Specific Months;
    by SEARCH PHRASE or SEARCH WORD,   by any of 64 attributes;   by Strangeness, Credibility    
    .. and more,   In any combination.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Astronomical Clock

An Astronomical Clock runs in realtime, displaying the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets.

Click to see a sample screen ..   Astronomical Clock.

One keystroke changes the Date / Time / Location to those matching the last UFO record accessed!
In short, planetary positions data is shown for the time and place of the actual UFO sighting.

Statistical Functions:


* Colorful Bar Charts break sightings down by YEAR and months of each year, by weekdays, year-days ( 1-365 )

* Sightings by Months Only without regard to years;
    .. by time of day;  by Sidereal Time (right ascension);
    .. by Lunar Position;  by Continents;  by Terrain/environment.

* Another statistical function finds sightings waves; (proximity of time and place)   .. Flaps are sorted and listed by events counts.

* State-by-State breakdowns for USA and Canada.   Statistics by population, area in square miles and population density.     [ Britain and France are included for comparison.]

* Fast simple event counts, broken down by decades and continents.

* Another function finds the BUSIEST DAYS in UFO HISTORY, for any country or all countries combined ..   for any era or all time ..   Again, all search filter-limits are available.

Here are some sample   Statistical Screens.

*U*   also provides:

>> MOUSE SUPPORT for all menus and most screens.

>> 50+ Pop-up HELP WINDOWS.

>> A separate "utilities" menu for error trapping, and files maintenance.

Every part of the world was hand-mapped in outline, with good accuracy but low detail.
Map displays resolve to less than 630 Meters, with time resolving to 10 minute increments, source data permitting.

Every reasonable effort and countless hours of library research were expended to ensure accuracy.
Known hoaxes and misidentifications are tagged, derated or delisted.
Sources are cross checked for accurate date, data, detail and coordinates.

*U* Records Fields:

Each record has 85 discrete fields, grouped as:

* DATE and Time of Day ( local legal time ).
    Year, Month, Day and Time each have little fields denoting accuracy.

* LONGITUDE & LATITUDE to 20 seconds ( 621 Meters or less )

* CONTINENT, COUNTRY and STATE, PROVINCE or other subdivision.

* TEXT: 78 characters: Place-name and a synopsis of the sighting.

* TERRAIN TYPE. (one of 20)

* REFERENCES: Book or other source with PAGE NUMBER or Issue No.

* STRANGENESS & CREDIBILITY: Rated arbitrarily but consistently.

* 64 ATTRIBUTES: UFO types, activities, landings, beings.. much more.
    Attributes may be filtered inclusively or exclusively.


" Larry Hatch's UFO Database is remarkable as a source of documentation
  which encompasses most of the existing compilations in a single, easily
  researchable file.       As a research tool it clearly surpasses all previous efforts
  at cataloging carefully screened UFO data.
  And, the graphic and mapping facilities are simply superb. "

            - Jacques Vallee 23 NOV 1994

" Nobody else has this! "

            - Richard F. Haines Ph.D

" .. the best database available! "

            - Dr. Peter A. Sturrock, Stanford, 26 OCT 1999

" I strongly recommend this software to anyone in UFO research because
  of its scope. It is a genuine bargain at the price and Larry Hatch
  provides a phone number for customer support.. " [ now email -LH ]

            - Edward Zeller Ph.D in MUFON JOURNAL Febr.1995

" ..une REMARQUABLE base de donnees sur les OVNIS.. Nous recommendons
  VIVEMENT ce logiciel a toutes le personnes, chercheurs o non.. "

            - Dominique Weinstein: ( Review for LDLN June 1995 )

" ROLIG USA-bas for PC .. Mojligheterna att med din persondator gora roliga saker och leta efter information okar dagligen.. "

            - Anders Liljegren: AFU Newsletter, Sweden. May'95

" .. our organization was overwhelmed by the thoroughness and extent of your program.
  Our board members were all impressed.. "

            - David Marler: ACTAEON Group 19JLY95 (letter)

" .. blows everyone else out of the game! "

            - Dr. Bruce Maccabee 1996

" .. It's really good! "

            - Larry Hatch's sister.

" .. Sadly, the DOS format is totally obsolete."

            - Larry Hatch 2005

Documentation:   24 pages with detailed instructions, appendices etc.

The *U* UFO Database catalogs flying saucers disks and spheres.   Top saucers, discoids, funnels, coin and hamburger craft are included, as are Wingless fuselages, cloud cigars, cylinders, flying Triangles, deltoids diamonds and other odd shapes.

*U* frowns on fireballs, night-lights and similar sightings with low information content and likely explanations.   Simple starlike objects are not listed any more, existing ones over-written with better cases.

*U* does not catalog new-age, religious miracles, spiritual or cult events; bigfoot, chupacabras, bogeymen or cryptozoology in general; no pyramids or faces on Mars, no crop circles or other forteana unless directly UFO related.

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