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  • Evan-Jello

    Watch them jiggle, see them wiggle…… More »

  • Berman on Rationalist Naivete

    Here is a long, interesting interview with Paul Berman at Democratiya, where “democratic radicals” flog leftists who have “backed themselves into an incoherent and negativist ‘anti-imperialist’ corner, losing touch with long-held democratic, egalitarian and humane values.” Here’s a nice stretch… More »

  • On the Illusion of Thinking as Acting

    “As a student and later a teacher at Columbia, Zweig was surrounded by figures who seemed to raise abstraction to the level of action. Lionel Trilling, Jacques Barzun, Robert K. Merton — these were the men who invented the Morningside… More »

  • If You are a Real Calvinist, I Am a Condemnable Idolater!

    Passed on via Amy Welborn, M(ichigan) reports on a current Christian Reformed Church Synodical meeting that has been “attempting to tone down” their 1563 declaration in the Heidelberg Catechism that the Catholic Mass is “a condemnable idolatry.” Apparently there is… More »

  • Friendly Fire in the House of the Lord

    In the Christian Worldview Network’s latest update is an article by Paul Proctor criticizing an upcoming video game based on the apocalyptic Left Behind book/movie series. In the middle of his folksy affectations, Proctor concludes the game is one of… More »

Judith and Holofernes

Judith and Holofernes
The Nuremberg Chronicle


A Bonnacon from Kongelige Bibliotek, Gl. kgl. S. 1633 4°, Folio 10r.

Alexamenos worships his god

"Alexamenos worships his god"
Christian or Anti-Christian graffito
Rome, c. 200

“The new technologies of dissemination have given rise to rhetorics of loss (loss of control, of community, of property rights, of book-objects, of ways-of-being in relation to texts) and gain (enhanced access, greater resources, malleable texts) quite similar to the rhetorics associated with early modern pamphlets.”  —Alexandra Halasz, The Marketplace of Print: Pamphlets and the Public Sphere in Early Modern England

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