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Welcome to my little space on the web. The picture above may appear a little fuzzy but it is actually crystal clear. I'm just a fuzzy person!

If you are looking for the WWCalc support pages they are here.

If you are looking for the CarbLog web site it is here.

If you'd like a little more information on my professional experience have a look at my resume.

I spend a lot of my time fooling around with old computers. Check out this list of some of the machines in my collection.

You can also download code that I've written. I'll be adding to this section regularly so check back often.

I'm proud to be a descendant of the DeHaven family. Never heard of us? You should get to know us, we're worth an estimated $200 billion (Four times Bill Gates' net worth!). You can visit the DeHaven Club home page.  My connection to the DeHaven clan is via my great great grandfather William Hamilton Swisher who married Rachel DeHaven.  My aunt Lucy recently came into possession of William's original Civil War diary.  I found this diary an interesting perspective into the life an an average Civil War soldier.  William died a soldier's death on the last day of May 1862 at the battle of Seven Pines, Virginia.  Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Louis Nelson Barnes I'm able to make William's diary available here.

If you've ever wondered what happens to hot chicks who are born too late to achieve the fame they so richly deserve then click here.

Visit my son, Rob, on the web at http://www.nomadwebs.com/.

Colossal Cave, the grand-daddy of all adventures. Back in the 1980's I was involved in a port of this great game to the MS-DOS environment. This code has now resurfaced and been reworked for the web by Stuart Smith of the UK. Check out Stuart's site at http://www.colossalcave.net/adv.htm. Great job Stuart!




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