Layne's powerful, confessional lyrics combine with Jerry's explosive guitar work to create Alice in Chains' most impressive album to date. Released in October of 1992, it has since gone on to become the band’s most commercially successful album, selling over three million copies. The song "Would?" also appears on the soundtrack to the Cameron Crow’s 1992 film Singles, a movie which also features the band playing themselves in an uncredited role.

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Track Listings Lyrics
1. Them Bones [Lyrics]
2. Dam The River [Lyrics]
3. Rain When I Die [Lyrics]
4. Sickman [Lyrics]
5. Rooster [Lyrics]
6. Junkhead [Lyrics]
7. Dirt [Lyrics]
8. God Smack [Lyrics]
9. Hate To Feel [Lyrics]
10. Angry Chair [Lyrics]
11. Down In A Hole [Lyrics]
12. Would? [Lyrics]
Album Notes:

Produced by Dave Jerden and Alice in Chains
At One on One and El Dorado
Engineered by Brian Carlstrow
Assistant engineers: Annette Cisneros (El Dorado); Ulrich Wild (One on One)
Mixed by: Dave Jerden (El Dorado)
Assistant mix engineer: Annette Cisneros
Mastered by: Steve Hall and Eddy Schreyer at Future Disc, Hollywood, CA

6/30/06 - TopVar Rock Fest - Nove Mesto nad Vahom, Slovakia

7/01/06 - Waldrock - Burgum, Holland

7/02/06 - Goffert Park - Nijmegen, Holland

7/4/06 - Astoria - London, UK

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