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Thinking about leaving Vik's? Decided to perhaps walk home? (Max told you about the Tropical Smashes!) Maybe you want to stop off somewhere along the way. Vik has put this list together of swinging and swank in the web. He neither judges nor reviews. Vik lets you decide if you want to stop by. Every one has been swank tested and hipster approved!


Cafe Du Nord
Club Montepulciano
Club Velvet
Exotica History Tour
Lava Lounge
Martell's Tiki Bar
Purple Onion
Underbelly: San Diego Dive Bars
The Urban Well


Cocktail Time
Dr. Cocktail
HotWired's Cocktail Guide.
Stoli Central
The Webtender - On-line Bartender


Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Blue Hawaiians
Wendy Carlos
Chrysler-Stewart and the Stewartesses International Fanpage
Combustible Edison
ComEd in HotWired's Cocktail
Esquivel on SonicNet transcript
Esquivel's "Music from a Sparkling Planet" on
More Esquivel
Even More Esquivel
Connie Francis
Serge Gainsbourg
The Gentle People
Merv Griffin and DEVO
Hollywood Jazz Collective
Joe E. Howard
L. Ron Hubbard - the musical!
Jesus Presley
Pete Jolly
Ernie Kovacs
Peggy Lee
Leisure Lab
George Liberace
Spaced Out - Enoch Light
Julie London
Claudine Longet
Arthur Lyman
Ann Magnuson
Man or Astro-man?
Joe Meek
Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66
Liza Minelli
The Moog Cookbook
The Naughty Ones
Nine Parts Devil
Oranj Symphonette
Bettie Page
Perez Prado
More Perez Prado
Frank Rosolino
Gerald Ross and his swinging MIDI sounds
Gerald Ross' MIDI version of "I Dream Of Jeannie"
Lalo Schifrin
Raymond Scott
Seks Bomba
Elvis Sinatra
Frank Sinatra
More Sinatra
Frank Sinatra NPR Special
Squirrel Nut Zippers
Swank Motel
Yma Sumac
More Yma Sumac
Them Jazzbeards
The Three Suns
Tokyo PeeWee Marquette
The Transistors
Voodoo Martini
Elizabeth Waldo
Julius Wechter and the Baja Marimba Band


All Mixed Up on WBAI
American Song-Poem Music Archives
Bungalow Records
Catasonic Records
Creation Records
Crippled Dick Hot Wax!
Incredibly Strange Music Volume 1
Incredibly Strange Music Volume 2
Intrada Records
Odd Music
Plan 9 From Outer Space -- in Real Audio !!!
Rare Music
RCA's "Another Crazy Cocktail Party"
Right Tempo
Shaken Not Stirred-CDLink
Side of the Month
Time Records
Capitol's Ultra Lounge
The Vertigogo Story
Varese Sarabande

Hipster Radio

The Bethany Lounge
Tony Caravan
Club Velvet Net Radio
The Guy Forward Hour
KFJC Audio on the Net
Music Choice Europe: Easy Channel
Music For Better Living
National Radio - Other Music
The Retro Cocktail Hour on KANU
The Stratosphere Lounge
The Tiki Wonder Lounge
WFMU Radio on the Web
WNYC Radio on the Web


Bachelor No. 1
CitySearch NYC on Lounge
The Continental
Cool and Strange Music
Hollywood Highball
Lounge LA
The Men's Room
Mr. Lucky
Salmagundi : Cocktail Nation article
Salon: Fabulousness On-Line
Sydney Morning Herald - May 1996 cocktail feature
Talk of the Nation - Lounge Revival
Tiki News


8-Track Heaven
About the Vibes
Ads From Comics
All Music Guide
All Movie Guide
The Ambisonic Index
The Bettmann Archive
Canadian Antique Phonograph Society
Classic TV Themes
Cult Film Page
Deco Echoes
Exotic Music Mailing List
Exotic Music Mailing List Archive
The Exotica Standards
Find Your Hawaiian Name
Hi-Fi and Record Care
Hollywood Hi-Fi
Jazz Photos
The Light Instrumental Music Page
LP Art
Lurid Album Covers
Nitty Gritty Record Cleaner
Recording Technology History
Roots Of Lounge
Rudy's Corner
The Surround Sound Discography
Swing Town
Women of Exotica


American Neon Motels
Antique Radio Grille Cloth
Atomic Books
Bomp Germany
Cheap Thrills
Cellophane Square
Essential Media
Footlights Records
Gramophone Emporium
Hugh's Thrift Store Directory
Jim's Ithaca Music Shop
Millenium Records
Modern Music
Muriel's Vintage
Music Boulevard
Music Man Oldies
Newbury Comics
Other Music
Record Finder
Records Shop Finder
Record Sleeves and Accessories
Saturn Records
Something Weird Video
Tiki Preservation Society
Ultra Throb
Vinyl Lives
WFMU's Catalog of Curiosities
World Wide Wax

Strange Instruments

Buchla's Electronic Music Site
Electronic Music Foundation
Lowrey Organs
Moog Music Online
Optiganally Yours
The Synth Museum
The Theremin Page
Theremin Homepage
Theremin Enthusiasts Club International


Animation of Heaven & Hell in 3-D!
April In Stockholm
Ariel's Easy Lounge
Ask Miss Hane
Austin Powers
Baby Doe
The Big Casino
Cafeteria Styles
Byron Caloz and Mr. Smooth
Catalina Island
Crazy Joe's Sunset Lounge
Dave's Hellhole Of Sin
The Dead Lounge
Disgruntled Housewife
Disney's Polynesian Resort
Easy Tune
Gallery of Regrettable Food
Hud's Halloween A-Go-Go
Jack's Patio of the Damned's Bar-B-Que Pit
Joanna Land
The Lounge
Mambo Karaoke Jukebox
Matt Helm's Swinging Website
Mr. Sid's Lounge
Mr. Suave's Swinging Cocktail Lounge
Observing Obscure Kulture
The Parker Quintuplets
The Rat Pack
Route 66 Virtual Voyage
The Smoking Redhead Club
Spy Jazz
Suburban Meditations
The Tiki Cam
a tiki page
Top Secret
Wilds Scene

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