Big Cat Scripts Plugin 1.0.1

Do more. Click less.

Big Cat adds a Scripts menu when you ctrl-click in applications—such as the Finder, BBEdit, Internet Explorer, and Eudora—that support system contextual menus.

You can run your own AppleScript and shell scripts from the Scripts menu.

In other words, you can add your own commands to these applications, customize your workflow, spend more time creating and less time clicking around.


Big Cat 1.0.1 (181K)
- Freeware
- Requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or greater
- Universal binary: Intel and PowerPC


- Works with applications that support system contextual menus.

- Runs AppleScript scripts and shell scripts.

- Works with files (as in the Finder) and text (as in BBEdit).

Quick Start

The download includes a How to Install file that tells you how to get started.

If you use Unsanity’s FruitMenu, be sure you’re using FruitMenu 3.0 or better.

To get started writing scripts, see Writing Big Cat Scripts.

You can find more scripts on the More Scripts page.

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