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New ‘map update frequency’ info June 29, 2006

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As a temporary measure, in order to ensure smooth and continuous operation of our servers during our current expansion phase, we have made an implementation change that is reflected in an FAQ about update frequency, and is duplicated immediately below:

In order for your map to be ‘updated’ (whether daily, weekly, or monthly) the number of visitors shown must also have grown by more than 20% since the last update. This does not mean that your grand (running) total needs to grow by this much, merely that the number shown on your currently-displayed map needs to grow by 20% (because smaller changes than that are often difficult to spot and not worth redrawing the map). Thus, if your current map shows, at the bottom, “Total number of visits depicted above = 1000″ and you are scheduled for a daily update, then the next update will be trigerred after at least 201 new visits are logged, i.e. 1 more than 20%. Logging (tallying) of visitors continues even when no updates are shown: the overnight tally from the previous day (updated just once daily at approximately 0400-0500 GMT) can be seen in your personal tables shown when you login using the Admin page. More details about the update intervals and archive policy are provide in our explanatory timeline.

We hope that we can restore the original 10% threshold as soon as possible, and provide even lower thresholds in the future (which would mean more frequent updates for everyone).

How to add ClustrMaps to MySpace May 22, 2006

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There are three techinques for adding ClustrMaps to your MySpace pages: (1) adding it to your PROFILE, (2) adding it to your BLOG, (3) adding it to your GROUP DESCRIPTION.

Here are the three techniques:


Screencast tutorial: adding ClustrMaps to Blogger blogs May 21, 2006

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We found a screencast ClustrMaps installation tutorial from an enthusiastic user (and producer of a vast collection of other technical training videos and screencasts) by the name of Dennis Daniels, describing how to install ClustrMaps on a Blogger blog.

The screencast is here.

Thanks, Dennis!

ClustrMaps migrates news to WordPress blog May 16, 2006

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Our active user community speaks for itself, as both the high-density map and the “Reviews+Tips” feed from del.icio.us/clustrmaps on the right indicate. In order to provide a more agile and responsive news capability, we’ve migrated our previous in-house news page to this externally hosted WordPress blog, and copied the earlier stories into the correctly back-dated postings that you see below.

Web’s fastest-growing site uses ClustrMaps April 3, 2006

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This week's (end of March) Top Mover and Shaker on Alexa.com is TheSecret.TV, which reports the story on their blog site, writing:

During the last week of March 2006 Alexa recorded a 40,000% increase in traffic for The Secret web site; placing 'The Secret' at number 2,386 of all sites on the web for the week.

Congratulations to TheSecret.TV! Naturally we're delighted that they use ClustrMaps in order to track their user base, as you can see on their blog.

Limits increased February 2, 2006

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We are now allowing 2500 daily visitors for free users, and 25,000 daily visitors for ClustrMaps+ users (still at the ridiculously low price, for ClustrMaps+, of under $1 monthly and under $10 yearly).

Step-by-step installation guides January 10, 2006

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We have added blog-service-specific instructions to help users install ClustrMaps HTML code on your blog site.