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Abigail Deveraux played by Ashley Benson
The only daughter of Jack & Jennifer, Abby was named after Alice Horton�s mother Abigail and Jack�s mother Josephine. A smart, attractive teenager, Abby is just starting to navigate Salem�s social scene.

When Abby was born she came down with aplastic anemia as the result of polluted well water. Her father felt so guilty and responsible that he left town! Eventually, Jack returned and the entire Deveraux family went to live in Africa for a few years. Later, Abby developed leukemia but a bone marrow donation from Austin Reed saved her life.

Abby�s international upbringing also includes Ireland, where she and her mother lived before returning back to Salem. When her dad also returned to town, Abby hoped her parents would reunite � but her mom had other ideas. Recently, when Jack fell victim to the Salem Stalker, Jennifer made the heart-wrenching decision to turn off the life support. It�s a decision that Abby was furious about.

Luckily, Jack wasn�t really dead and soon the family was reunited. They also welcomed a new member, baby Jack Jr. Sadly, Jack became ill shortly after his return and died. Abby retreated into her own world and started spending a lot of time with her friend Chelsea.

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