UFO Sightings Map: North America, 1965-69

UFO Sightings Map:
North America: 1965 - 1969

Out of some 2575 *U* listings for 1965 - 1969, 1340 reports came from North America.   Worldwide, *U* counts 392 cases in 1965, 490 in 1966, 836 in 1967, 536 for 1968 and 318 in 1969.

With 120 listings, March 1967 was the busiest single month.   March (292) and August (300) were the busiest months for all 5 years combined.

Activity seemed to hop here and there in 'mini-flaps'.   In 1969, 95% of the listings were in the first seven months!

A time lapse run of the *U* software shows activity hopping from one continent to another.   One month here, 3 months there, as if the world were being randomly sampled.

Note sightings far into Canada and Mexico.
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