Recent Bishop Castle Constructions

Summer 2001 thru Winter/Spring 2002

Jim has been ultra busy and enthusiastic this past summer/fall/winter. New to the castle are a functional three story elevator that goes from the ground level to the main hall. He has continued construction on the 3rd level balconies so that they now stretch across the front of the castle. The Chimney Tower has now reached it's full height and has been capped off. And most exciting of all, Jim has completed the spiral stairway up through the N.W. Pa's Tower (which was the last tower to remain unaccesable), so that one can now reach the bridge without having to climb the scaffolding. And he has already begun the framework for the glass geodesic dome observatory that will top off Pa's tower!

Check and see for yourself!

new stairs at the base of Pa's tower

bridge from the top of Pa's tower

new chimney tower height

looking down on the new chimney

the elevator shaft

elevator winch

elevator fly wheels

elevator shaft looking up

elevator housing

elevator cage

new front balcony

another view of front balcony

chimney from the driveway

new view of the main hall

new stairs into Pa's tower

the two towers!

The Queen's living room

closeup of Pa's tower entryway

another view of Queen's room

looking up the elevator shaft

stair parts under construction

the new stairs in Pa's tower

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