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1. Each Crosley Solo Blog of the Week cycle begins with Friday's Hugh Hewitt Show and ends at midnight PT on Thursday.

2. Entries will only be considered if 300 words or less.

3. Entries must contain a valid link to an actual blog entry commenting on a Hugh Hewitt Show segment sometime during the current week.

4. Opposing points of view are welcome, but to be considered, the entry must deal with either commentary, calls, or guests heard on the Hugh Hewitt Show.

5. E-mail your entries to generalissimo@ Very important. Please include your name, street address (no P.O. Boxes), and a phone number where we can reach you if you win.

6. Contenders throughout the week will be posted on the Crosley Solo Blog of the Week page on

7. Each Friday, the top five entries, as judged by Hugh, Adam Youngman and I, will be selected, and a poll will go up on

8. Voting for the winner is up to you. Voting will close at Noon Pacific on Monday.

9. The winning entry will recieve a Crosley Solo from our friends at Crosley Radio. The winning entry may also be featured on Monday's show, and will have bragging rights for the week, and will reside in their own section of blogrolling on both and


Crosley Solo
Blog of the week

The Savage Republican 11/21/05
Residual Forces 11/21/05
A-Team Blog 11-07/05
Holy Coast 10/31/05
Psycmeistr's Ice Palace 10/24/05
Hammerswing75 10/17/05
Powder Tracks 10/10/05
Just A Woman 10/3/05
Watchman's Words 9/26/05
Blogotional 9/19/05
Simi Valley Sophist 8/29/05

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Crosley Solo
Blog Of The Week


Former winner Powder Tracks calls John Murtha Congressman of the Exchequer.

Residual Forces chimes in Hugh's reporting that the Senate GOP is far behind the Dems in part fundraising this cycle. He advises the Senate leadership to wake up and smell the conservatism.

Bujutsu Blogger tears apart a Bumiller story from the New York Times over anonymous sourcing.

Surly's Soap Box is thankful this season for Hugh's 12 step program of how to deal with lefties in your family at the Thanksgiving table.

Weekend Fisher from Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength blogs about the comparisons between the board game Risk, George W. Bush, and megalomania.

The Savage Republican is back with comments on CNN's X marks the spot over Dick Cheney's face.

Another winner, Hammerswing75, was just as steamed as the rest of us was at the Republican majority in Congress last week. Here's a link to his cranky series.

Former winner Simi Valley Sophist comments on Hugh's focus on national security on Friday's show.

Over at Point Five Blog, there is a little parody of John Murtha, taking his withdrawal suggestion, and applying it a little personally to Congressman Murtha.

A Simple Desultory Dangling Conversation has some advice for how the Senate GOP can grow a collective spine.

My Sandmen has some choice words about the actions of many of the Senate Republicans this week.

Okie On The Lam reflects on the mess in the Senate this week.

The Lady Logician over at the Savage Republican comments on the GOP's week last week.

Over at Driftwood USA, a parody naming Hugh Hewitt as special prosecutor into the surrender of the Senate GOP is pretty good.

Right Mom marks down November 15th as the day the Republican Senate betrayed the president.

Over at The Dignified Rant, Brian has some things to say about decorated Marine John Murtha. Instead of Semper Fi, he says semper phooey.

Pekin Prattles laments about the malayse in the GOP controlled Congress.

Cockalorum is back with a message to George W. Bush about how to get his mojo back.

Gary over at Let Freedom Ring applauds the House Republican leadership for showing a spine and scheduling a vote to essentially slap down the John Murtha view of the war.

Cockalorum takes a closer look at Congressman John Murtha, and doesn't like what he sees.



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