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Fifth Annual Stop The War Conference 

Saturday 10 June 2006

Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London WC1

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Speakers include: Craig Murray, Tony Benn, Adam Price MP, Louise Christian, Rose Gentle, George Galloway MP, Caroline Lucas MEP, Elaheh Rostami Povey (Action Iran), Lindsey German (National Convenor, StWC) Yvonne Ridley (Islam Channel), Kate Hudson (Chair CND),  Karma Nabulsi, John Rees, (Respect), Jeremy Corbyn MP, Sabah Jawad (Iraqi Democrats), Loukas Christodoulou, Explo Nani Kofi (African Liberation Support Group), Jane Shallice, Dahabo Isse, Makola Mayambika, Andrew Murray, Andrew Burgin, Chris Nineham, Salma Yaqoob

Conference workshops: In addition to the conference sessions for resolutions and elections, we will be holding a number of workshops, lead by keynote speakers and covering a wide range of topics, including: - Iraq Today: Towards Democracy of Civil War? - Why Iran is Under Threat - Where Now for Palestine? - Is Latin America the Next Target? - The Forgotten Wars in Africa - Civil Liberties and Guantanamo - Islamophobia and the Anti-War Movement - Military Families Against the War

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Conference arrangements

Stop the War Coalition's fifth annual conference will be held on Saturday 10 June. Only groups which have re-affiliated will be able to send delegates. All names of delegates must be registered with the national office by 2 June 2006.

Delegates: Delegations are on the following basis:

Up to four delegates from each Stop the War group

Up to two delegates from affiliated organisations with less than 1000 members

Up to four delegates from affiliated organisations with 1000-10,000 members

Up to six delegates from affiliated organisations with more than 10,000 members

The cost for delegates is £10.

Observers: The conference is open to observers, who must be members of Stop the War Coalition. Observers must register with the national Stop the War office not later than 2 June but are advised to submit their names as early as possible as there will be limited space.

The cost for observers is £10.

Resolutions and elections: The conference will debate resolutions and elect the national steering committee for Stop the War Coalition national Steering Committee. Any local or affiliated group is entitled to enter a resolution for discussion and voting on, which should be sent to the national office by 26 May 2006. The Steering Committee may also submit resolutions. Nominations for the Steering Committee elections can be made by local and affiliated groups and names should be submitted to the national office no later than Friday 26 May 2006.

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For further information:                                                     Email: office@stopwar.org.uk                                      Telephone: 020 7278 6694

Booking places online

Delegate and observer places at the 2006 conference can be booked online  here...

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Organisations wishing to send delegates to our 5th national annual conference on 10 June must first complete affiliation or re-affiliation for 2006. Affiliate...

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Individuals wishing to attend our 5th national annual conference on 10 June as observers should be up-to-date members of Stop the War Coalition. Join...    

An eventful year for StWC

The background to our annual conference on 10 June is a very eventful past year for Stop the War Coalition. We have held two national demonstrations, on 24 September 2005 and 18 March 2006. Our protests turned Condeleeza Rice's visit to Liverpool and Blackburn in March/April into a public relations disaster, which captured the headlines in the media worldwide. 

Our International Peace Conference in December 2005 was hugely successful, attracting over 1500 delegates, including delegates from Iraq.

Our continuing work with Military Families Against the War has helped maintain the campaign for justice being sought by a tragically increasing number of families who have lost loved ones in an illegal war. On we organised over 150 vigils in towns nationwide following the 100th soldier to die in the Iraq war. A new development has seen a growing number of ex-service people and families of serving soldiers join the anti-war movement.

This year we face the possibility of an attack on Iran, making it important for the anti-war movement not only to continue mobilising for an end to the occupation in Iraq but to build opposition to any future war plans.

Conference 12 Feb 2005

Resolutions passed at the 2005 conference

Aims, steering committee

The aims and constitution of Stop the War Coalition and the steering committee elected at the 2005 conference