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Storm of the Century, Part 3 1.2
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Ghost Hunters 1.1
Storm of the Century, Part 2 1.1
Stargate 1.0
The Beast, Part 2 1.0
Snakehead Terror 1.0
Scare Tactics 0.9

Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, 11/29/04 - 12/5/04.

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12:00pm ET, 9-July-02

 New Leap, Tremors On SCI FI

The SCI FI Channel, which is now a part of Universal Television Group, is developing a number of original series and films based on existing Universal titles, the network announced. SCI FI will develop a two-hour movie based on the TV series Quantum Leap, which will also serve as a back-door pilot for a possible series. Series creator Don P. Bellisario will executive produce.

SCI FI will also develop a one-hour action series based on the Tremors series of movies, which will be scheduled for a January 2003 premiere. The films' creators, executive producers Nancy Roberts, Brent Maddock and S.S. Wilson, will work with series executive producer David Israel.

"Projects such as Quantum Leap and Tremors are exactly why SCI FI is excited about being part of the Universal family," said SCI FI president Bonnie Hammer in a statement. "We have an opportunity to access the rich Universal library—which includes a vast array of horror and sci-fi titles—to create new television experiences for a contemporary audience."

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