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The History of Final Fantasy

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Staff Spotlight

No single person creates a Final Fantasy game; each is the result of the efforts of dozens of dedicated individuals. But there are certain people behind-the-scenes who have made lasting contributions to multiple games. This section of the feature focuses on those people who have most directly shaped the direction of the series through their contributions.

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Hironobu Sakaguchi
Role: Producer
Games: Final Fantasy I-IX

If the Final Fantasy series could be pinpointed as the product of one man's imagination, that man would be producer Sakaguchi. He has watched over every stage of the series' development since the beginning. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds since the series' inception, and so, for that matter, has each game's staff. But Sakaguchi's vision has always been the glue that has held each game together.

Hiromichi Tanaka and Yoshinori Kitase
Role: Director
Games: Final Fantasy I-III (Tanaka); Final Fantasy V-VIII (Kitase)

Tanaka was the original director of the Final Fantasy series. He currently still works for Square on high profile titles, but has left the flagship series' direction in the hands of Kitase. Kitase originally wanted to be a film director, but found his aspirations hard to fulfill in the Japanese film industry. Eventually, he found a home at Square. His influence is obvious in the more mature and cinematic tone the series has achieved since his arrival.

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