Updated May.18,2006 20:20 KST

New W10,000 Note Unveiled
The Bank of Korea on Thursday unveiled a specimen of the new W10,000 note that will be put into circulation at the beginning of next year. The central bank claims the note has improved anti-forgery features. It is 13 mm shorter across and 8 mm shorter vertically than the current note. The portrait of King Sejong seated remains on the front.

The background image is a traditional Korean drawing of the sun, moon and five mountain peaks with pine trees and waterfalls believed to underscore the authority of the king. Some of the lyrics from "Yong-bi-eo-cheon-ga (Songs of Dragons Flying to Heaven)" are shown atop the window pattern background. On the back is a Chosun Dynasty map of the heavens (National Treasure no. 228) with a device for charting the night sky called a "Honcheonui."

The new design is the same length as the controversial new W5,000 note but is 6 mm wider. It is green like the current bills but the color is brighter. A hologram shows different patterns -- a map of the Korean Peninsula, the Yin-Yang symbol, the I Ching trigrams found on the flag and the face value -- at different angles.

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