Dr. Dacyshyn is a graduate of the Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine in Seattle, WA., the leading educator in science-based medicine.
This 4-year doctoral program includes dissection anatomy, physiology, pathology and biochemistry that is common to all medical education with the added benefit of learning botanical medicine, nutrition, counseling, homeopathy, and physical medicine.

Her practicum experience has allowed her to work with family practice ND’s, Chiropractors and a general surgeon that specialized in breast pathology. She has also worked on specialty Naturopathic shifts which have served women who were homeless or in transition, those infected with the HIV virus, and those that have had special detoxification concerns.

She has also received additional training in:

  1. Diabetes management and care
  2. Intra-venous therapies both in Alberta, and in Portland Oregon.
  3. Treatment of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  4. Nutrigenomics
  5. Chelation
  6. Advanced Medical Life Support
  7. Anti-biotic therapy

Dr. Dacyshyn graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English, which she received from Concordia University College in Edmonton, Alberta, and went on to work in the luxury hotel industry while completing her pre-medicine requirements at Langara College in Vancouver, B.C., prior to beginning her Naturopathic medical training.


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Naturopathic Medicine is a unique system of health care, promoting natural healing and prevention of disease. It is an art, a science, a philosophy and a practice of diagnosis and treatment that uses a blend of modern, evidence-based medicine and traditional, clinically proven approaches.  Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine are trained as primary care general practitioners who use a variety of non-invasive natural therapeutics to treat both acute and chronic health conditions.


Philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine:
Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine are guided by six principles of Naturopathy, which emphasize a holistic and natural approach to patient care, diagnosis, management and treatment of medical conditions.  The Principles of Naturopathic Medicine include:

First Do No Harm:  Naturopathic Doctors use safe gentle therapies to improve the well-being of a patient’s health, while limiting the risk and adverse effects.

The Healing Power Of Nature:  Naturopathic Medicine respects the innate intelligence of the human body to heal. The “Vital Force” stimulates the physiological systems of the body to bring the organism into balance and equilibrium, moving towards a state of optimal health.
The Physician’s role is to facilitate and augment this process and to help remove obstacles preventing the health and happiness of the patient.

Find and Treat the Cause of Illness:  Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine examine physical, emotional and spiritual factors, that when disordered, may cause disease. Instead of suppressing symptoms, an individual plan is created that is directed at the source of disease, and promotes the true treatment of illness.

Treat The Whole Person:  Naturopathic Physicians realize that health and disease result from a combination of physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social, and spiritual influences.   A comprehensive, individualized approach is required to treat the whole person, and bring about better health and quality of life.

Doctor as Teacher:  “Docere” the latin root for Doctor, means “to teach”. A principle objective of Naturopatic Medicine is to empower, inspire and to educate the patient so that they may gain control over their health and future.

Prevention:  The primary goal of Naturopathic Medicine is to build health, rather than fight disease. Naturopathic Medicine teaches the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, in order to prevent the development of chronic illness and disease states.


Naturopathic Training and Standards:
Naturopathic Doctors are trained at accredited, four-year, post-Graduate Naturopathic Medical Schools. The comprehensive training includes studies in basic medical sciences, clinical and physical diagnosis, laboratory and diagnostic imaging, clinical medical sciences, naturopathic philosophy, pharmacology and a wide variety of natural therapeutics. In order to become licensed or registered practitioners, Naturopathic Doctors are required to have successfully passed National board exams in the basic sciences, clinical medical sciences as well as in all of the Naturopathic modalities.

In North America, there are four accredited educational institutions, as well as professional licensing/registering bodies, and strict codes of behavior and practice that are specific to each province and state.  There are also mandatory continuing education requirements to ensure that Naturopathic Practitioners are always aware of the most recent, scientific and clinical information.





"I will strive to inspire and educate you the Patient, to bring about your own health,
and elevate your quality of life." -Dr. Dacyshyn