UFO Sightings Map: UFO Shapes USA

UFO Sightings Map:
by UFO Shapes in the USA

Three general UFO shapes are overlaid here.     Layer #1 in Blue are disks, cones, ovoids, plates and spheres.   Violet is for cigars, cylinders, fuselages, cigarette shapes..   Layer #3 in Green indicates angular forms: flying triangles, deltoids, diamonds, rectangles etc.

There is some overlap.   Multiple shapes are reported at times.   A saucer might be overlaid by a triangle, the same place but at a later date.   A saucer seen edge-on becomes a 'cigar' at times.

Disks outnumber cigars/cylinders, and both appeared early on.   Flying triangles show mostly in urbanized areas near coastlines.   Rural FTs show around Indiana.   One small cluster was near Lumberton,NC in 1975 (79W x 34N) predated a major Belgian deltoid wave by 14 years.
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