Wowhead Released!by Mystadio - 06/25/2006

It's about time, heh?

The site is now in open beta! You can browse through the currently available data. Feel free to contribute to the site by using the Client.

Features in the works include: Please keep in mind that the more data we receive, the more accurate the information displayed will be.

Today's Updateby Skosiris - 06/18/2006

New Features!by Skosiris - 06/09/2006

Keep in mind that we're keeping the missing content under wraps until it is ready. Most pages are still under development.

Wowhead Closed Betaby Mystadio - 06/01/2006

We are proud to announce the launch of the Wowhead Closed Beta! This is a preview of Wowhead that will let you try out the site before it goes live.

As you can see, it's not feature-complete yet, but we will be adding information about quests, NPCs, objects, locations, drop rates, profiles, recipes, skills, ..., and much more shortly.

If you see anything strange or find out a bug while browsing through the site, please report it using the link "Report a bug" located at the top of every page.

Make sure to send us your feedback and suggestions!

Wowhead Clientby Skosiris - 04/04/2006

We are currently looking for volunteers who are interested in testing and offering feedback on our upcoming client application!

Wowhead Client will serve two purposes. First, everytime you run it, it will check for the latest version of itself as well as of Wowhead Looter. The latter is an add-on for World of Warcraft that "loots" WoW by gathering information on drops, quests, vendors, locations, etc. as you play the game. Second, it will feed our database by uploading the data you gathered to Wowhead.

Of course, this software doesn't contain any viruses, trojans or spywares, nor does it steals personal information on your computer. Wowhead Client is safe for you to use, and runs on any version of Windows from 95 to XP.

This opportunity is only available to the first 100 people who send us an e-mail to (address removed). If you will, you may include any comments or features you would like to see on Wowhead in the body of your e-mail message. Chosen testers will be contacted with download instructions via e-mail next week.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Update (04/05/2006): No more slots left. Thanks to those who applied!