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The Grabby Show 2000 Award Winners

Harry Bayer Reports on The Grabby 2001 Award Show & Weekend Events - Page 2

  Both Tony Donovan and Jackson Price were not only presenters at this years Grabby show but walked away with awards; Donovan won for Best Actor for his role in Echoes, and Price for one of the two Best Newcomers. Kyle Kennedy, the other Best Newcomer could not make it to Chicago for the show.  
  There were film clips related to the winners of the awards. Director Michael Lucas, one of the multinominated artists, sent a film clip of acceptance as he could not be present because of a pre-planned trip to Russia to assist his parents and do his first international video. This year, thankfully, the winners weren't "pre-announced" by the audience reading from the video screens before the poor porn pups could get the words out. There was also a good showing of industry folks at the event both as presenters and award winners.  
  Autor/columnist, Mickey Skee, and AVN Gay/Bi editor and "Behind Closed Doors" contributor, Jeremy Spencer joined Big Daddy Ferguson on stage to present the Editor's Choice Awards.  
  Fans who may have been disappointed that the third act orgy was omitted during the move from Man's Country to Circuit got a real treat when Jeff Stryker was called on stage to sign the Grabby Wall of Fame. When Stryker's robe fell off on the way to the stage and he swung his well-oiled girth in 360 degree circles, LaRue exclaim, "Ok, we're all going to jail!"  

After the show, Big Daddy's entourage disbanded to the Lucky Horseshoe. Burny and I, after an interview session with Jeff Stryker, caught the late show at Man's Country, featuring the cast of Drew Warner's Open Trench. I know, it required putting on a towel, but anything for a story, I always say.

Porn Homecoming Week ended for me with a brunch on Sunday at the Northend. It was also a chance to "surprise" Big Daddy Ferguson, whose birthday was later in the week, and reflect on the awards.

Later that day, I met up with my Michigan contingent at Voltaire for Bear-All, with Scott Free and other woofy singers. My friend Brian met us for dinner, and I relayed my story of getting felt up in a local gay shopping establishment. (Rhymes with K-Mart - David, call me.) Exhausted and cranky, we headed back for my things at the swanky State Street pad, and I crashed and burned at the Hyatt before heading back to Grand Rapids on Monday morning.

Can you have too much of a good thing? After this past Memorial Day weekend, I'm beginning to wonder.



- Harry Bayer 


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