News  Headlines  in Mon 3  July  2006

Iranian president condemns Zionist atrocities in Gaza


Leftar1.gif (851 bytes) Iranian president condemns Zionist atrocities in Gaza

Tehran, July 3, IRNA  

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here Sunday evening condemned the latest Zionist atrocities against Palestinians and the continuing silence of world governments and international bodies to the escalation of violence in the occupied territories. The Israeli army launched a major air and ground offensive last week on the Gaza Strip following the kidnapping of an Israeli army corporal by Palestinian militants. The offensive, which cut off food and electricity to the occupied territories, is the biggest military operation since Israel's pull-out from Gaza in September 2005. Addressing a cabinet session, the Iranian president said the crimes are an indication of the failure of the West's so-called "roadmap" to resolving the Palestinian issue which is premised in a co-existence of the Zionist regime and the Palestinian independent government. He further focused on the importance of the Palestinian issue for Islamic and freedom-seeking countries in the struggle to defeat the bullying powers of the world. The so-called champions of liberalism and democracy have shown no respect for the votes of the Palestinian people for a democratic government of their choice at a most difficult time, he said, adding that they (international bodies) attempted to overthrow the Palestinian government by cutting off financial aid to them. By showing such attitude, they have disappointed independent states and world nations, Ahmadinejad said. He also highlighted the need to hold a referendum in the occupied territories in order to arrive at a just solution to the Palestinian issue.       

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