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Internet Connection Benchmarking

Accurate upload and download connection speed testing, with the ability to track your connection history.  Though bandwidth testing is's primary service we also offer many other internet related tools, such as traceroute, ping, whois, DNS query.  We also offer many guides to help you get the most out of your computer and most importantly get the most out of your internet connection.  We have a growing community along with an expansive community forum and industry news.  Enjoy your stay...
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Download Speed Test
Test your download connection speed

Upload Speed Test
Test your upload connection speed

New Database Browser! Now displays exact test time. Also see the new automatic test and dual test options.
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What is is an internet connection benchmark.  We offer Download and Upload connection speed tests.  We offer connection history logging as well as host stats.  This is a 100% free site and you can test as much as you need to. is able to bring you some of the most accurate results due to our centrally located US server on the UUnet / Global Crossing backbone.  Unlike some speed testing sites, uses only highly compressed data for testing to ensure that you are testing from data that your provider has no way of compressing (therefore this site will show you what your real line speed is, not what your provider wants you to think... common among satellite providers).  Also, with 'SmarTest' will automatically adjust for your line speed and use the most optimal test size for your connection type. is a 100% word-of-mouth advertised site, so the growth and success of the site relies on it's users, so please keep visiting, and please pass this site on to friends.  You will notice that there is constant development and growth with this site, this also relies on our users input... if you encounter any bug please post in the forum under this section and if you like the site and would like to add your input to a great growing online community please join for free.

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