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In these last years, more and more parts of the scientific community have introduced Cellular Automata in their researches. This apparently simple, but extremely versatile, instrument is really appealing for studying complex dynamical systems that evolve on the base of local interactions of their components. The definition of local, relatively simple, rules generates unforeseen complex behaviours. They account often for real phenomena or solutions of problems, whose high complexity could unlikely be formalised in different contexts. These characteristics of the research activity have encouraged the establishments of interdisciplinary teams that operate with remarkable success. Furthermore parallelism and locality features of Cellular Automata allow an outrageous easiness in parallelisation, therefore an immediate implementation on parallel computers and access to relevant computing resources. Cellular Automata are not a topic only for "cellular automatists"! They interest people of different scientific extraction, accustomed to operate mainly in the limits of their own specialisation.

The reason for this workshop is to collect contributions concerning Cellular Automata in various field such as theory, implementations and applications. In addition, many fields of research (e.g. multi-agents approach) adopt methodologies that show strict affinities to Cellular Automata, but without the label "Cellular Automata". This workshop wants to enlarge the Cellular Automata community to include new related techniques.

We welcome contributions related to the following domains:
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