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- The first prototype, May 1947
-La Rectaflex 947 presentata alla Fiera di Milano del 194

The book  of Marco Antonetto
Rectaflex, the magic Reflex"
 is now coming
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The Magic Reflex

This site is dedicated to the first 35mm single lens reflex camera with pentaprism constructed in a series and regularly commercialized. The Rectaflex was first produced in Rome in 1947 in three different basic models, subdivided in numerous variations, and it was sold throughout the world until 1955 when its production was completely suspended.


This site contains the following arguments, which can be opened by clicking on the image

  • The history of Rectaflex
  • The list of cameras, lenses and accessories
  • Information about the new book "Rectaflex, the Magic Reflex"
  • The goldplated Rectaflex of King Farouk
  • Links with other photographic web-sites

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