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Privacy Solutions for the Converging Internet & Telecom Industries.

In today's networked world, privacy and safety are top priorities for consumers and the businesses that serve them. Now more than ever, people are aware of how their personal information can be made available--and how it can be used against them. From dating online to socially networking online, placing a classified ad to posting an ad in the personals, bidding at an online auction or buying at an online store, as these applications grow in popularity, so too the need for added security.

100% private: Proprietary technologies ensure customer safety.
Proactive: Private numbers prevent identity theft.
Convenient: One-click communication convenience.
Risk-free: Easy to implement.
Tools: Customer relationship management (CRM) and social networking tools increase user satisfaction.
Profit center: Value-added services drive new revenues.
Privately branded: Build your own solution.
Prepaid: No monthly billing, contracts or collections.
Flexible: Work with all phone numbers, including cellular and international.
Solid: All services run on a network handling 10 billion transactions.

Privacy, safety and convenience for:
Auction Websites
Classified Advertising (Online)
Classified Advertising (Print)
Dating Websites
Personals Advertising (Online)
Personals Advertising (Print)
Prepaid Telecom Resellers & Distributors
Real Estate Businesses
Search Engines
Social Networking Websites
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Take online dating; along with the excitement of meeting potential partners, comes the risk of meeting social predators. Or publishing a classified ad, a dangerous proposition if advertisers post their personal phone numbers along with promoting their products. Even shopping online can translate into an invitation for identity theft since personal contact numbers are many times submitted when making financial transactions.

PrivateTel decreases these risks--and provides privately branded, profit-driving services--for a wide range of applications including online dating, social networking, classified advertising, real estate sales, e-commerce, and more.

Our web-integrated, private communications services offer unique advantages that enable customers and online community members to anonymously exchange information or simply click a button to confidentially talk on the phone, with the safety and convenience that can't be found anywhere else. Our suite of solutions span:

ClassAdd : Provides publishers with a value-added service based on increased privacy, security and convenience to advertising customers. Ads are sold with a temporary contact number enabling seller to keep personal numbers private. Seller can turn contact number off after the sale. Click here to learn more.

Click-and-Connect: Integrating website access with telephony, one click of a button sets up a call between a site's visitor and the site's representative, or person of interest. For an online business this means capturing more revenue. For an online dating service this means providing a new level of security to community members. Click here to learn more.

MyPrivateLine: Increases the safety of customer communications--and provides revenue generating, value-added solutions to online businesses and telecom resellers. The service allows users of dating websites, personal ads, chat rooms and other forms of "faceless communication" to communicate through anonymous phone numbers, so their personal phone numbers remain private. Click here to learn more.

All PrivateTel services are based on a state-of-the-art web services platform developed as part of an exclusive partnership with NetworkIP. PrivateTel leverages telephony solutions deployed on the NetworkIP web-integrated telecommunications platform that offers best-in-class switching and IP networking with the network already handling 10 billion minutes per year. Each PrivateTel service is integrated into NetworkIP's award-winning API (as illustrated below).






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