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The following list of 18 categories (including winners and runners up) appear only here on An additional 65 categories originally published in the July/August 2006 issue of Philadelphia STYLE Magazine can also be found here.

Best Of The Shore | Boardwalk Food | Mack & Manco

Did we really have to tell you? By now even those who haven’t been to Ocean City since the Beatles broke up know where to get the best pizza. The wait may be long, but hungry customers can watch their pie being tossed and tugged from behind the counter. And although Mack & Manco offers customers pepperoni, spinach and broccoli, don’t be distracted by toppings—the only way to enjoy an M&M pizza is plain. Mack & Manco has three locations on the boardwalk alone, so it’s easier than ever to stop by for a slice. Visit for locations.

Runners Up:
Curley’s Fries, 3501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, N.J., 609-522-3900
Boardwalk Fries, 3501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, N.J., 609-522-3900
Johnson’s Popcorn, 1368 Boardwalk, Ocean City, N.J., 609-398-5404
Sam’s Pizza Palace, 2600 Boardwalk, Wildwood, N.J., 609-522-6017

Best Of STYLE | Bookstore | Barnes & Noble

Sure, tiny bookstores are cute. But when you really need to find something specific, the three-story giant known as Barnes & Noble is the way to go. (Looking for a book on mountaineering in the social context of neo-imperialism? Yep, they’ve got that one.) After all, there’s nothing better than grabbing a coffee, reading a book, picking up a gift for a literary nut and leaving with wrapping paper and card in-hand. Count the membership program and your chance to score great discounts as an added bonus. 1805 Walnut St., 215-665-0716,

Runners Up:
AIA Bookstore and Design Center, 117 S. 17th St., 215-569-3188
Borders, 1 S. Broad St., 215-568-7400
Joseph Fox Bookshop, 1724 Sansom St., 215-563-4184
Robin’s Bookstore, 108 S. 13th St., 215-735-9600 

Best Of The Shore | Casino Restaurant | Peregrines’ 

Old-fashioned elegance rules the day at Peregrines’ in the Atlantic City Hilton Hotel and Casino. Inside you’ll find white tablecloths, linen napkins and straightforward, crowd-pleasing classics like steak and salmon. The dishes are gussied up, of course, with luxury ingredients like French oysters and Belgium truffles. The crowd is mature but stylish, and jackets are required for men. Boston & Pacific Avenues, Atlantic City, N.J., 609-347-7111.

Runners Up:
Old Homestead Steak House, One Borgata Way, Atlantic City, N.J., 609-317-1000
Cuba Libre, 2801 Pacific Ave., Atlantic City, N.J., 609-348-6700
Ombra, One Borgata Way, Atlantic City, N.J., 609-317-1000
STYLE staff pick: Red Square, 2801 Pacific Ave., Atlantic City, N.J., 609-344-9100 

Best of STYLE | Best Furrier | Jacques Ferber Furrier

Anyone who has braved the streets of Philadelphia from November to March knows that there’s precious little armor to protect you from the chill. A thick fur may be the only garment that will keep you warm during the winter months. Jacques Ferber Furrier has been outfitting men and women with an extensive collection of fur, leather and shearling since 1879, when the Ferbers established their business in Paris. Continuously family owned and operated, Jacques Ferber offers a plethora of accessories, such as fur-trimmed scarves, leather gloves, fur and leather handbags, fur hats, and earmuffs at each of their three locations—Philadelphia, Ardmore and Wilmington. Its selection of warm winter apparel will help make any unpleasant winter more tolerable., 215-735-4173. —Katherine Cantor

Runners Up:
Zinman Furs,, 1-888-440-6465
Stupp Furs,, 610-896-6662
Diane Furs,, 215-627-3821
Georgia’s Furs,, 856-354-3181

Best Of STYLE | Best Ice Cream | Capogiro

So what if our readers’ choice for best ice cream isn’t an ice cream at all? Capogrio serves up gelato, a cold Italian treat. Actual Italians may bristle at the suggestion that their beloved frozen dessert has something in common with real ice cream. In fact, Capogiro’s Web site points out that its product has half the fat and half the calories of regular ice cream, which leaves us wondering how it can manage to be twice as delicious. Maybe it’s those crazy flavors like Thai coconut milk, bourbon butterscotch or basil. Whatever the reason for this artisan gelateria’s success, one thing is clear: Philadelphia can’t get enough Capogiro.

Runners Up:
Scoop de Ville, 1734 Chestnut St., 215-988-9992
Bassetts Ice Cream 45 N. 12th St., 215-925-4315
Ben & Jerry’s, 135 S. 18th St., 215-564-6772
STYLE staff pick: The Franklin Fountain, 116 Market St., 215-627-1899

Best Of STYLE | Jukebox | Standard Tap

Serving up battered smelts and lager pints, Standard Tap in Northern Liberties was a gastropub before anybody knew what a gastropub was. Beneath the hammered tin ceilings of this dark wood-clad corner bar resides STYLE readers’ favorite jukebox, which gives patrons three plays for just a buck. Bartender and music enthusiast Jason Lore fills the jukebox with music from his personal collection—rock ‘n’ roll albums from the likes of AC/DC and the Lilys. “It can’t be anything I’m going to get sick of—the songs get played so often,” he says. 901 N. Second St., 215-238-0630,

Runners Up:
Doobies, 2201 Lombard St., 215-546-0316
Drinker’s Tavern, 124 Market St., 215-351-0141
Charlie’s Pub, 114 N. Third St., 215-627-3354
Good Dog Bar, 224 S. 15th St., 215-985-9600

Best Of STYLE | Local Beer | Yuengling Lager

The word lager technically refers to any light-colored beer brewed with minimal hops. In most parts of the world, ordering a lager would probably prompt the question, “Which one?” But here in Philly, if someone says “lager” when ordering a beer, it means one thing: Yuengling Lager. Brewed in Pottsville, Pa., it’s a stretch to call this beer local. But for generations, mere geography hasn’t stopped Philly from thinking of Yuengling as its official brew. True fans will admit that it’s nothing fancy, but it’s Philly beer—a populist beer—and even snobs love it.

Runners Up:
Manayunk Brewery
Flying Fish Brewing Co.
Yards Brewing Co.
STYLE staff pick: Victory Brewing Co.

Best Of STYLE | Best Men’s Grooming | Phoenix Salon and Spa

Gone are the days of the corner barbershop complete with rotating striped pole out front. In 2006, men don’t just want a quick chop, they want style and maybe even a little pampering, too. Phoenix delivers with a full service salon offering skin and body treatments, massages, hair styling, coloring and manicures and pedicures for women and men. Located in the grand Phoenix building, the place has a welcoming atmosphere: There are no, “just for men” gimmicks at the Phoenix, just a great staff and excellent services. 1600 Arch St., 267-514-8000.

Runners Up:
Salon l’Etoile, 4360 Main St., 215-483-2500
Francesco and Giovanni, 72 S. Trooper Rd., Trooper, 610-539-2887
Pierre and Carlo Trilogy, 8460 Limekiln Pike, Wyncote, 215 572-6300
Citrus Salon and Day Spa, 1201 Dekalb Pike, Blue Bell, 610-277-4247
STYLE staff pick: American Male, 37 S. 16th St., 215-496-0229

Best Of STYLE | Best Park | Rittenhouse

It’s easy to see why our readers like living on Rittenhouse Square, since every season brings excitement to the neighborhood. In the spring, warmer weather welcomes sun-deprived workers for long lunch breaks; the summer brings kids with Frisbees, outdoor flower markets and shopping and the space’s changing trees make Rittenhouse a perfect spot for a fall picnic. During winter, this peaceful haven remains alive with light-strung branches, and come December, the city’s favorite square is home to Philadelphia’s famous Christmas tree.

Runners Up:
Love Park
Fairmont Park
Washington Square
Valley Forge

Best Of STYLE | Personal Trainer | Marvin Dangerfield

For some of us, working out is a chore. That’s where personal trainers come in. They can force us do things that we’d never do on our own (oh, say, run). Our readers’ votes are clear when it comes to the man they’d most like to train with: Marvin Dangerfield. The one-time computer nut whips clients into shape at Old City Iron Works and Ananda with nine years of personal training experience. You’ll hate him (suicides and cardio are mandatory) and love him (muscles and decreased dress sizes are complimentary) in the same breath. “This is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. I know I’m helping somebody,” Dangerfield says. “When you see someone reach their goals—it’s the best thing.” —Tracey Giordano

Runner’s Up:
Lauren Boggi at Lithe Pilates, 1030 N. Second St., Suite 401, 215-928-1662
Jason Bailey at Philadelphia Sports Club, 215-901-5816,
Danny Trammell at Fit Gym University City, 4415 Chestnut St., 215-386-3333
STYLE staff fav: Aldoric Paugh at The Sporting Club at the Bellevue, 220-224 S. Broad St., 215-985-9876

Best Of STYLE | Radio Morning Show | Preston and Steve, 93.3

Where we would we be without Preston and Steve (and Casey, Kathy and Nick) to jumpstart our mornings? The jokes, impressions, sound clips and random conversations are as essential as that first cup of coffee. Want to take a more active role? Call in to the Love You/Hate You Line or check out a Painfully Single Mixer. 93.3 WMMR, 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. every weekday.

Runners Up:
Howard Stern Sirius Satellite Radio 100
WXPN, 88.5
STYLE staff pick: Wired 96.5

Best Of STYLE | Radio Station | WMMR 93.3

WMMR is on its way to reclaiming the lead spot in local radio. Much of Philadelphia tunes in for reliable mainstream rock, plus the latest dish on all the big stars who make the music. A Philly institution and one of America’s most recognized and influential hard rock stations, MMR has been pumping rock ‘n’ roll on 93.3 FM for more than 30 years and continues to serve up new artists to a loyal following. Need more reasons to listen? MMR is currently home to Preston & Steve, Matt Cord and Jaxon.

Runners Up:
WXPN 88.5
WJJZ 106.1
95.7 Ben-FM

Best Of The Shore | Best Shore Outdoor Dining | Ventura’s Greenhouse

You’re sitting on a deck, a bucket of Rolling Rocks at your side, as you start in on a plate of clams and take in the beach view. No, this isn’t a beer commercial and you’re not in the Caribbean. Ventura’s Greenhouse in Margate has been a favorite with locals who flock for the upstairs Tiki bar and killer food. The pizza served downstairs is a sure bet, but don’t forget the cheesesteaks. Happy hour downstairs includes specials on pizza by the slice. Ventura’s Greenhouse, 106 S. Benson Ave., Margate City, N.J., 609-822-0140.

Runners Up:
Sails, 998 Bay Ave., Somers Point, N.J., 609-926-9611
Deauville Inn, 201 Willard Rd., Strathmere, N.J., 609-263-2080
Mike’s Seafood, 4222 Park Rd., Sea Isle City N.J., 609-263-1136
Backyard Restaurant, 220 81st St., Stone Harbor, N.J., 609-368-2627

Best Of The Shore | Best Shore Town | Ocean City, N.J.

Philadelphians knows that the O.C. locals often talk about has nothing to do with Mischa Barton. Our New Jersey beach town of choice—the one that greets visitors with the familiar billboard depicting a family of sunglass-donned sandals—has more than a few summertime attractions: Miles of beach, numerous mini-golf courses, trendy beach stores and the best French fries you can find in the Garden State. One tip: after downing your Original Stewarts Root Beer float and homemade fudge, you may want to wait a while before riding the Ferris wheel.

Runners Up:
Sea Isle City
STYLE staff pick: Avalon

Best Of STYLE | Splurge Restaurant | Buddakan

Even as inexpensive BYOBs multiply across town, Buddakan continues to set the standard for dining in Philadelphia—especially for the 45-and-under crowd. It takes just one trip to this den of Zen to see why people are still willing to wait 10 weeks for a primetime Saturday night reservation. This is where the celebs go when they’re blowing through town and not just for a peak at Buddakan’s giant golden Buddha, either; The Asian fusion dishes are still some of the best served up anywhere in Philly. Buddakan, 325 Chestnut St., 215-574-9440.

Runners Up:
Le Bec-Fin, 1523 Walnut St., 215-567-1000
Morimoto, 723 Chestnut St., 215-413-9070
Lacroix at the Rittenhouse, 210 W. Rittenhouse Square, 215-546-9000
STYLE staff pick: Striped Bass, 1500 Walnut St., 215-732-4444

Best Of The Burbs | Bar, Suburbs | P.J. Wehilhan’s

Be ready to talk over the crowd at this TV-lined hot spot. Sports nights here are reminiscent of a college scene, but just like your university eateries, P.J.’s is a great place for some cheap eats. (Try the P.J.’s Burger with cheddar cheese, bacon and fried onions.) For foodies, P.J.’s also offers steaks, BBQ pork and ribs and practically gives away Yuengling drafts for $2 on Thursdays. Just make sure to leave your Cowboys jersey at home. P.J. Wehlihan’s, 700 N. Haddon Ave., Haddonfield, N.J., 856-427-7888.

Runners Up:
Kildare’s, 18-22 West Gay St., West Chester, 610-431-0770
Great American Pub, 123 Fayette St., Conshohocken, 610-940-0540
Coyote Crossing, 800 Spring Mill Ave., Conshohocken, 610-825-3000
STYLE staff pick: 90 Main Restaurant & Lounge, 90 S. Main St., New Hope, 215-862-3030

Best Of The Burbs | Dancing, Suburbs | Adelphia

On Friday and Saturday nights, this restaurant turns into a steamy nightclub. Drinks flow freely, but you won’t need beer goggles for this crowd. Head to the dance floor to join the rest of South Jersey at this popular weekend hotspot, where DJs, live bands and live radio broadcasting keep the pretty people coming back. Visit for the latest happenings, including college nights, dance parties and maybe even an appearance from Q102’s Rocco. Adelphia, 1750 Clements Bridge Rd., Deptford, N.J., 856-845-8200.

Runners Up:
Brownies 23 East, 23 E. Lancaster Ave., Ardmore, 610-649-8389
Top Dog, 2310 W. Marlton Pike, Cherry Hill, N.J., 856-486-1001
Michael’s Café, 3340 Street Rd., Bensalem, 215-633-7171
Ice Night Club 1160 First Ave., King of Prussia, 610-878-8483

Best Of The Burbs | Best Gym, Suburbs | LA Fitness

Funny that a fitness center bearing another city’s name would be Philly’s favorite, but the readers have spoken and the results are clear. This city (or at least its suburbs) loves the towering health clubs that were all but unheard of in these parts five years back. Today, LA Fitness is the preferred place to get buff in the ’burbs.

Runners Up:
Bally Total Fitness,
Gold’s Gym,
High Level Fitness, 19 N. Merion Ave., 610-520-1680
Philadelphia Sports Club, 34 W. Lancaster Ave., Ardmore, 610-645-7600

Best Of STYLE | Vintage | Greene Street Consignment

Greene Street Consignment (now with three locations) is not only a sure bet for vintage clothing lovers, but also a must-stop shop for the season’s new styles you never thought you could afford. The boutique’s number one attraction is its selection of barely used, designer clothes and handbags. Armani, Banana Republic and Kate Spade are all offered here, and Greene Street’s shoe collection—wedges and platforms from Steve Madden and other hot designers—is another plus. Don’t worry about dragging your boyfriend shopping; the store carries guy’s stuff, too. 700 South St., 215-733-9261.

Runners Up:
Buffalo Exchange, 1713 Chestnut St., 215-557-9850.
Charmingly Linda’s Quality Consignments, 113 S. Main St., Phoenixville, 610-935-8390.
Sugarcube, 48 S. 3rd St., 215-238-0825.
Sophisticated Seconds, 2019 Sansom St., 215-561-6740.

Best of STYLE | Best Wax | Janine Fynes, The Phoenix Salon & Spa

Janine Fynes, STYLE readers’ choice for best wax, says her services don’t cause severe pain—though anything that involves pulling out hair could cause a little sting. “It feels like a Band-aid getting ripped off,” she reports. We think the results are worth any momentary discomfort: Fynes, who specializes in facial waxing, sculpts Philadelphia’s brows to perfection. But, she says, regular upkeep is a must. Her advice? Pay a visit every three weeks to keep arches in top form. (And throw out your tweezers to prevent an amateur plucking session.) The Phoenix Salon & Spa, 267-514-8000,

Runners Up:
Harriet Goldman at Pierre & Carlo European Salon & Spa, 215-790-9910,
Effie Xidous at Ettore Salon & Spa, 215-928-9010,
International Salon, 215-563-1141
Linda Harding at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa Lounge, 215-772-2766