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"Working together to create a better Swindon"

Questions for Candidates for Election to Swindon Borough Council on 4 May 2006

Swindon Civic trust will contact each candidate standing for election to the Borough Council and invite them to answer the questions shown below. Before the election, we will publicise the answers we receive from them on this site and elsewhere.

We are doing this so voters can see what candidates think about key issues concerning the development of our town. We hope this will enable voters to make a more informed choice.

Please note that Swindon Civic Trust is not connected with any political party and does not get involved in party politics.

Not all candidates have answered the Questions! But we have left their names in lists so this is clear if your that candidate hasn't provided answers for you to read.

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Do you support the proposal by Bath University and developers to build housing, a business park and a campus on the green land surrounding the Coate Water Country Park?
Commercial Property:
What do you think should be done about the unused factories and offices in Swindon?
What can the Council do to improve the quality of architectural design in the town centre?
Would you support the idea of holding design competitions for key new buildings?
What do you think of the Council�s performance on protecting the environment?
How can Swindon become a green town?
How much more should Swindon grow?
What should Swindon Borough Council do to protect and make the most of the town�s heritage?
Town Centre:
What do you think the Council should do to improve the town centre?