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Константиновский дворецThe Government’s Palace of Congresses is located on the Gulf of Finland some 15 kilometers away from St. Petersburg. It combines the functions of a modern business center, a historic and cultural monument and a state residence.

The Constantine Palace and park in Strelnya, a famous monument of architecture, was restored from ruins for the celebrations of St. Petersburg’s 300th anniversary. Laying the first stone into the foundation of the Palace, Peter the Great planned to turn it into Russia’s main maritime residence. He wanted the Palace to become a “diplomatic window” to Europe, a Russian Versailles, a symbol of Russia’s power and prosperity. But three long centuries had to pass before this idea was translated into reality…

The Palace of Congresses and adjacent lands occupy 180 hectares and include: the Constantine Palace that plays host to international meetings and major events; a regular park; the Baltic Star, a four-star hotel with 106 rooms; a 20-cottage Consular Village, and a pavilion for summit negotiations. A press center with an 800-meter moorage is located on the Gulf of Finland. 

All modern communications are available to guests. 

Reference: www.gkdk.ru

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