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:: Buddhism ::

The Buddhist Channel is a "daily newspaperless" that's the first world-wide Buddhist publication. (Have heard the "good news" lately? (I mean, don't big news media feature bad news: "If it bleeds, it leads.") The Channel's "One Dharma" approach is now read by over 150,000 people -- half in the East, half in the West.

Dharma Door is the web adjunct to my Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Buddhism now in a 2nd edition. Its primary utility is as an evolving portalfor surfing online Buddhist resources (as well as reading some sample chapters), arranged by topic ...

And you may also be interested in my haiku page ... some haiku people even feel Buddhism is as much a subset of haiku, as vice-versa. (Please see for yourself.)

:: a r t i c l e s ::

hop to :: articles, reviews, and interviews I've published (José Ramos-Horta, He Ping, Gary Snyder, actresses from Mike Leigh's Secrets and Lies, disarming dictators, Mexican youth gangs for peace, the power of nonviolence, Easy Riders / Raging Bulls, 24 Hours in Cyberspace, The Cultures of Computing, Blacks & Jews, Ermo, peacework, and more )

:: p o e t r y ::

  • :: What Web?! ~ Online Mindful Poetry Zone :: not a zine ~ an active anthology ~ and growing ... (more due this summer) ... it's also the online adjunct of my anthology What Book!? ~ Buddha Poems from Beat to Hiphop, and already has more online than in the book.

  • :: h a i k u : A NEW WORD, A NEW WORLD :: my unfolding portal onto the world's shortest form of literature ... one-breath meditation ... unrepeatable equations from the heart of creation ... ...

  • :: Trance Scripts :: of Paule di Puccio's channeled poetry and prose.

  • American renditions of Chinese poetry and song of various dynasties, from :: The Li Po Society of America :: Coming soon
  • René Daumal's ::Poetry B&W; :: ...

    poetry by Ko Un, translated from Korean to English.

    :: work-in-progress ::

  • :: Screening as Event :: ~ a hypertext phenomenology of film.

    :: N e t g u i d e s ::

  • :: Research Central :: my all-in-one search site, arranging +150 resources by 9 applications, updated every summer. It originates as the online sample chapter to ...

  • :: Writers.Net ~ Every Writer's Essential Guide to Online Resources & Opportunities :: of interest to all writers ~ and readers ~~ being text-based Net stuff (rather than multimedia & flash) ~ ~ ~ with online updates, :: Hot Off the Presses and a mailing list ::. The book's, alas, out of print, but many of the links are still quite good.

  • :: Pocket Guide to the Internet :: ~ the world's first massmarket pocketbook guide with still-timely tips, for newbies and knowbies alike, alas, also out of print, but this autumn the online adjunct will have some excellent online resources for newbies.

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