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The House of Dangerous Experiments

My experience with higher education was unique. By unique, I mean that my friends and I not only learned what we were supposed to and did well, but we also almost destroyed both our dormitory and ourselves with explosions on a regular basis. You haven't experienced college to the fullest until you've leapt out an open window and rolled around on the ground outside because your shirt was on fire. This material comes from my old college web page, which covers a few of our adventures. Don't try this stuff at home if you want your security deposit back when you move.

The golden rule here kids: Anything shown here, for the most part, is not something done by a relatively sane person. If you hurt yourself, you weren't careful enough. Or quick enough. Anything you see or learn here is for entertainment value. We've hurt ourselves so that you won't have to, so leave the dangerous stuff to us.

Enough with the boring stuff... lets see some experiments!

  • Experiment #1: Propane Balloons
  • Experiment #2: Radiation Testing
  • Experiment #3: The Act of God
  • Experiment #4: PVC Artillery
  • Odd e-mail received about the experiments

  • All materials copyright 1997-2006 by Andrew Henderson. This material may be distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Open Publication License, v1.0 or later.