Studs and Steam Heat Up Grabby Awards Celebration - Page 3

- As reported by Jeremy Spencer
- Photos by Steve Jerome

  To open the next portion of the show, Falcon Exclusive Addison Scott comes in carrying Judy Tenuta! The hysterical accordion-toting comedienne, who I first saw on an HBO special, Women of the Night, along with Ellen Degeneres, Paula Poundstone and Rita Rudner, was absolutely hysterical.  
   She was in town promoting her new film. I wish that I could say more about what she said, but I was a bad reporter and didn't write anything down. I do know that she was terribly funny, and it was a great treat to have her come out to support the gay porn industry. People like that have a lot of class, because they risk a lot to come to these events, and God love 'em, if they're gonna support us, I'm gonna support them! Now, I just have to find out the name of her new movie....  


   After she left, last year's co-Performer of the Year Cole Tucker came onstage as the second portion of the show's host. He brought out the next presenters, Nino Bacci and newcomer Gordon Gage. Nino was one of the cowinners of a contest that Gay Chicago sponsored back in Los Angeles during the GayVN weekend. Whichever porn star could best "reproduce" an orgasm (the contest was the Dry Orgasm Contest), they would receive free airfare and a guarantee to present at the Grabbys. Nino and Clint Cooper. won but Clint was busy videotaping the International Mr. Leather festivities, so he was unable to attend. Nino was there, though, looking fan-fucking-tastic in leather (which I have told him repeatedly he would look great in), and he and Gordon presented the next three awards.  

 First up was Best Hot Shot (aka Best Cum Shot). The award, hands-down, went to Spike. And if you haven't seen this boy shoot, crawl out from under the rock and rent one of his videos! The video screens showed him preparing to blow his wad but cut off right before the magic moment - amongst hisses and boos. However, the audience need only wait a little while and they would witness the real thing....

Best Solo Scene went to Robert Black for his sensual leather jack off scene in Sports & Recreation Video's Leather Trade Solos.


Robert was so shocked, he forgot to thank Sports & Rec! It's a great solo video if you're into that, and Robert's scene is the best one in it.

The next award was another new category: Best Twink (18-21) Video, a category near to my (and Big Daddy's) heart. The award went to The American Way, which features another terrific sex scene between blond muffin Christian Taylor and Chuck Murphy, culminating in cutie Christian with a face full of spooge. Director Kevin Clarke accepted his award.

  Thom Southern and Addison Scott appeared to present their awards. They started out with a fun bit (that I doubt was planned). Addison was chewing gum and took it out to speak. Not knowing where to put it, he plopped it on the podium. Some audience members groaned. But then Thom picked it up and popped it in his mouth. More groans. Addison and Thom proceeded to suck face and the gum was passed back to Addison, who promptly placed it back on the podium. Pretty funny.  
   However, before that cute bit happened, when Cole called Addison out, somehow a huge dildo appeared and they bent little Trophy Stud Robby over and proceeded to slam the dildo deep into Robby's butt. Robby said later that they were not being gentle and was shocked that it was actually happening. He certainly wasn't denying that he was having any fun, however.  


  The Best Fetish Video went to Chris Ward and his Fist For Hire series for Hot House Entertainment. Quite possibly one of the most intense videos ever, it features one of the most amazing fisting/fucking scenes, with Tom Vaccaro and Jason Anderson. If you're a fan of hard-core butt play, check this one out. Best Leather Video was accepted, once again, by Hal Veerkamp for Titan Media's Fallen Angel 3.  
   Super-bottom Christopher Scott and super-top Sam Crockett were announced and presented Best Bisexual Video to Michael Zen's Mass Appeal by Men of Odyssey. They then welcomed to the stage newcomer Daniel Reed (who, like Gordon Gage and Enrico Vega, all starred in Chi Chi LaRue's Bang! by Mustang Studios), Mitch Allmond (of Happiness is a Big Cock fame) and Ted Matthews, who I just think is a big hunk on a stick. Together, the group announced the Best Group Scene award.  
   Onto the stage bounced more hunks to join and "perform" with the Trophy Studs, Corey Mac, Frank Michaels, Duke and Josh Henry. The six proceeded to show the audience what a group scene was - and then the winner was announced as The Final Link's Opening Prison Scene from All Worlds Video. Chi Chi came onstage to accept the award (with Dan Cross) and made a reference that we should be watching out for The Missing Link, the next in the series. We can't wait!  


  And we're into the second intermission.  

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