About GRAVITY < Subsidiary
Gravity Interactive Inc., the USA branch of Gravity, was established in March 2003 at Marina del Rey, California USA. The aim of incorporation was to provide a new type of MMO games to North American gamers who were already accustomed to video and computer games.
Ragnarok Online, the major contents of Gravity Interactive Inc. is serviced since 2003 and now has more than 2 Million of North American subscribers. On December 2005, a fter its successful launch in America , Gravity Interactive chose ROSE Online as a following project that now has 300,000 subscribers.
Gravity Interactive Inc. does best effort to become one of the major publishers in North America not only by servicing online game contents of Gravity Co., Ltd, but also by publishing, developing and distributing itself.
Gravity Interactive Inc.
4505 Glencoe Avenue 2nd Floor Marina Del Rey, CA 90292