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1up visits Telltale office, waves camera around, pokes at Sam & Max team
July 14, 2006 Posted by Jake

It's sort of cheating to post this, but oh well!

Some writers, photographers, and cameramen from Computer Gaming World magazine and 1up.com came by Telltale's office a few weeks ago to photograph, videotape and interview Steve Purcell and the Telltale team about how things are going with the upcoming Sam & Max episodes.

The results of their visit are finally showing up! On news stands this month is CGW magazine's cover story on Telltale's Sam & Max game! Also, just today 1up.com has put up a great preview talking about the game (and what makes it different from other episodic offerings like Half Life 2 Episode 1 and SiN: Episodes). And, the guys at GameVideos.com have put up a video feature including some "behind the scenes" stuff on the making of the new game as well as interviews with a few people involved (not me, though).

Enjoy! Hopefully Metallus will one day be back so I don't have to guiltily post news around here.

E3 Trailer
May 11, 2006 Posted by Metallus

Telltale's put up a trailer for their upcoming Sam and Max game series, viewable at the official game site. Woo! While there are no real plot details revealed, the trailer does mention TTG's partnership with Gametap, and demonstrates the new voice talent playing the roles of the Freelance Police. It also is our first real look at the game's graphics and style, hinting at what we can expect from these upcoming episodes. Well worth checking out, sir or ma'am.

Un-unofficial Sam and Max website updated
May 9, 2006 Posted by Metallus

Telltale's updated their official website for the upcoming Sam and Max game episodes with a bunch of new distracting nonsense! Read this:
  • Sign up for official news updates!
  • Read this FAQ sheet for details won't be writing about in this news post!
  • Pretend you have a creative bone somewhere in that dull, dull, skeleton of yours!
  • Buy that shirt! Buy it!
  • You should know about this web comic already. Geez.
It looks nice, I think. Oh yeah, the game starts coming out in the fall of this year.

Page 7, and forums!
April 20, 2006 Posted by Metallus

That company that Jake works for has put up a new page of the Sam and Max webcomic. Woo! Go check it out. If you want start from the beginning of this new series, because you're a fool and missed it until now or something, go over in this direction. While you're there, you might want to take a look at the newest episode of Telltale's Bone game, called The Great Cow Race. Free demo, guy.

Also, you might have noticed that the forum headline script at the top of the page has been replaced by a forum headline script that works. There have been some past issues with lagginess with this one, so if it gets unbearable, I'll take it down again.

That didn't take long. Looks like that script was a loser. The forums still work, though! Forums!

Purcell interviewed, has good taste in fan sites
March 29, 2006 Posted by Jake

Over at World of Monkey Island you can check out a recent interview with Steve Purcell, who talks about his time working at LucasArts in the early "Lucasfilm Games" days, including some stories about the first two Monkey Island games. He also drops a link to your favorite Sam & Max news site. Take a look!

6th webcomic page is up!
March 22, 2006 Posted by Jake

The sixth page of the Sam & Max webcomic is up on the Telltale website! The usual hijinks ensue, etc, so why are you still here reading this when there's a comic to check out? Go, now.

In other Sam & Max-ish news, I have a quick "professional" note: As of last week I started work at Telltale Games as their "Content & Community Coordinator." What that title entails exactly is sort of nebulous, but mostly it means if you visit Telltale's site these days, you'll see me around more often than not.

What does that mean for the Unofficial? Well, not a ton for now. I'll still post news to this site when it comes to things like new web comic pages or screenshots of the game released, but if anything too scandalous or salacious happens in the world of Sam & Max, well, you'll probably be hearing it from Metallus.

5th page of webcomic online
February 17, 2006 Posted by Jake

Yep, the fifth page of Sam and Max's ongoing webcomic adventures is now online on the Telltale site. If you've been asleep the last couple of months, start here, on page 1.

The site seems to be broken... or, fixed.
February 2, 2006 Posted by Jake

It appears all the various subpages and sections of the site are currently offline. I'm trying to get Metallus to fix it but he is hiding out. More on this story as it develops.

Update! Metallus pulled some strings and someone from LFN fixed the broken. Everything should be happy again (aside from the fact that half the content is hopelessly out of date)!

3rd and 4th webcomic pages online!
January 26, 2006 Posted by Jake

Oops I missed one in there! The Sam & Max webcomic is chugging along, and definitely picking up pace. You can check out Page 3 of the comic here, and the latest page (that's the fourth one) is available here.

I'm really loving the style of this thing. The colors are amazing, and though it annoyed me at first that all the panels had weird rollover things, it's really nice to be able to view Purcell's art without dialogue bubbles covering the whole thing.

If you haven't been keeping up, in anticipation of Telltale Games' upcoming Sam & Max adventure game series, Steve Purcell has finally started drawing an all new Sam & Max comic, which, much like the new game, is being made available episodically online. The first page of the comic is available here.

Note: It's been mentioned to me that none of the links on the site work anymore. I don't know how that happened, but I'll try to fix it in the next couple of days.

2nd page of comic online
December 30, 2005 Posted by Jake

For those failing to keep track on their own, the second page of Steve Purcell's Sam & Max webcomic has gone up.

Also a bonus holiday message may be appearing in the near future.

First new Sam & Max comic page, merchandise appear on Telltale's site
December 9, 2005 Posted by Jake

Big news! The first page of Steve Purcell's syndicated Sam & Max comic has appeared on Telltale Games' website! The comic is titled "The Big Sleep" (based on nothing, apparently), and is interactive, like Graham Annable's "Dank the Caveman Inventor" comics... In other words, if the panels look sparse to you, don't forget to use your mouse cursor and roll over everything!

As for how frequent the comic will be, who knows? Our top secret source on their web development team had no idea, so you'll just have to obsessively refresh the site once a day for the next month until the second page goes up!

Telltale is also selling a brand new Sam & Max tshirt, the first new Sam & Max merchandise available since Purcell printed up some shirts for Comic-Con sometime around 2002, or maybe '01. The poster prints previously available at Tantrum Entertainment (now listed there as "out of stock") are now for sale through Telltale's store as well.


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