"I dream of a strong, prosperous India"
Address to the nation as PM (19th May)
Reflections on Atalji 

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"Atal Bihari is today's Syama Prasad"
- L. K. Advani
"He is best suited to become PM" 
- Nani Palkhivala
Why Atalji matters ? 
- Anand Agashe

"Minorities have faith in you" 
- Farooq Abdullah (CM J&K)

Ability to reach out to the root" 

- Nanaji Deshmukh

"Hamare Baapji" 
- Ranjan Bhattacharya

"Swayamsevak with a poet's heart"
- Rajendrasinhaji

"Best equipped to become PM" 

- Khushwant Singh

A great poet,a great friend" 
- Padma Sachdev

"Man with Churchillian blend " 

- Jagat Mehta 

"Atalji is an exception"
- Pt. Bhimsen Joshi

"A true connoisseur of music" 

- Sudhir Phadke

"Revered in the world of art & culture" 

- Pt. Birju Maharaj

Opponents, not enemies " 
- Raj Babbar

He'll fulfill India's dream" 

- Nana  Patekar

"I would like to sing his poems..." 
- Asha Bhosle

From Atalji's 'Ekyavan Kavitayein'(english translations of some of his poems) 

He'll fulfill India's dream

I don't understand party politics. I can understand human beings a little bit through their actions. A man like Atalji should be our Prime Minister for a minimum of twenty years at a stretch so that the ancient glory of our motherland can be revived. In order that this dream is fulfilled, I pray to God that the remaining years of my life be transferred to him.

(As told to Sudhir Nandgaonkar)

Nana Patekar is a wellknown film star

From Atalji's 'Ekyavan Kavitayein'
(english translations of some of his poems)



Atalji is an exception
Bhimsen Joshi

I rarely interact with politics and politicians. But I can not say the same about Atalji, who is a poet at heart. I have often met him at airports and he has even attended my concerts whenever he found time. I remember the occasion of my 75th birthday, when he delivered a emotional speech.

(As told to Shekhar Joshi)

Pt. Bhimsen Joshi is an eminent vocalist.

A true connoisseur of music

I don't remember exactly when I was introduced to Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee. But his poetic nature and has a long lasting impression on my mind since then. He has very good understanding and knowledge of Marathi poetry and literature. Thus, whenever we meet he asks me to sing the songs which I have sung or composed. He likes to watch Marathi plays and films. Many years back, once he had come to Mumbai. He enquired which good films and plays were running then. Mr Arvind Pilgaonkar's `Apradh' was being screened in the famous Plaza cinema hall. I had composed music for the film.

Atalji and Mr Ved Prakash Goyal came to watch the movie. I knew they must not have got chance to eat anything and I asked them in the interval whether they would have dinner after the movie was over. We reached my home after the movie was over at midnight. Before we had our food Atalji asked me sing many of songs.Atalji has definately enhanced the taste and colour of our very long friendship and our meetings by reciting even some of his poems. I am elder to Atalji by nearly five years. I am connected with the RSS for the last 60 years. I remember that I had sung a song at RSS function where Mr Vajpayee and Mr Advani were present.

(Mr Sudhir Phadke is well known music director and singer)

Revered in the world of art and culture

In the world of art and music, he is revered by all. Especially the musicians have a great respect for Atalji. His deep thinking attitude is reflected well in his poems. The lucidity of his language appeals the people from all walks of life. I have had the privilege of meeting him and I cherish those moments.

On his birthday, I wish Atalji a long and happy life. I hope that in future he will continue to pen his highly introspective poems and also support the artists.

Opponents, not enemies

I have been fascinated by Vajpayee since last thirty years. I had initially just heard about his oratory. The first time I heard him speak, I was bowled. We were young students with political interest. We all became his followers. Later I was influenced by Dr. Lohia. I became a staunch Lohiaite, which I still am.

The time came when I was pitched against him in the same election. For me I was not fighting against Mr Vajpayee. I was fighting against the philosophy of his party. When I went to file my election papers, he was coming out of the office after filing his papers. I touched his feet and asked for his ashirwaad. He smiled and said, woh to main nahin doonga. I persisted. I told him that such a big task had been assigned to his admirer of years and so he should bless me. He put is palm on my head and blessed me, saying mera aashirwaad hai.

Atalji never treats his opponents like an enemies. Every politician should learn this from him. There may be different ideologies, but they should never be treated as personal enmity.

(As told to Shruti Pandit)

Raj Babbar is Samajvadi Party leader.


I would like to sing his poems

According to me Atal Bihari Vajpayee is one of the few

clean politicians. He gives you that impression the moment you see him. I have met him only once. Mr Pandit of CBS was supposed to meet Mr. Vajpayee. He asked me whether I could make it too. I normally avoid any public appearances and get- togethers. But I had always wanted to see Vajpayee in person and interact with him. I could not have missed the opportunity and immediately agreed to go with Mr. Pandit.

He was wearing a white lenga-kurta and a charming smile. He talks very little, but he talks well. He told me that my telegram was the first congratulatory telegram he received when he became the Prime Minister. He has a keen interest in literature, espectially poems. Though I have not read his poems I have liked whatever I have heard. He suggested that we should do something together. He suggested that I should sin

g patriotic songs. I agreed. I would also like to sing his poems.He is a man with conviction, s omeone who gives without expecting anything in return. One can trust the future of one's near and dear ones in his hands. If there are more people like him, the country would be in safe hands. Yes! I firmly believe that the country needs him. Not just because I like him very much, but today's situation demands it.

(As told to Shruti Pandit)

Asha Bhosle is well known playback singer


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