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The Nude Poses of the French Postcards

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The Classical Nude Poses of Julian Mandel

Mandel Mark
Mandel Signature Mark
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Julian Mandel, the early twentieth century art photographer, became known for his exceptional classical studies of the female form. His photographs and postcards are artfully composed, with exquisite use of lighting.

Mandel published through the Paris-based studios of Alfred Noyer, (AN), the Leo Studios, PC of Paris, and some reprints under the German company of Neue Photographische, (NP). He was also one of the few photographers of his day to sign his name on the front of his work.

Julian Mandel was known to have participated in the German "new age outdoor movement" producing a vast amount of outdoor nudes during the late 1920 to early 1930's. Although he has often been overlooked, Julian Mandel was one of the great nude photographers of his day.

The postcards shown below are a representational example of some of Julian Mandel's beautiful classical nude poses.

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