Funding Research and Education

Right from the start, the prime purpose of the Fund for UFO Research has been raising money to support scientific research and educational projects aimed at shedding light on, and increasing the understanding of the UFO mystery.

Since the Fund was founded in 1979, its Board and Executive Committee have raised over $700,000 dollars from donations and sales of materials, including reports written by those whose research we have backed.

Among the projects we have supported:

1. The first serious study of abductees by a clinical psychologist.

2. An investigation of a film of UFOs shot from the air over New Zealand.

3. Support for the 1992 Conference at M.I.T. on abductions.

4. A special drive for funds to support an investigation of the still-controversial MJ-12 matter.

5. Acquisition of the first copy of the previously-unknown, uncensored microfilms of the Project Blue Book files.

6. A study of 19th Century "mystery airship" sightings.

7. A study of pre-1947 UFO-like reports.

8. A study of World War II "foo-fighters".

9. Publication of several hundred pages of declassified U. S. Government documents.

10. Support for field investigations of UFO cases from Alaska to Australia.

Over our first 22 years, we have rejected more than half the proposals submitted
to us, mainly on the grounds of the lack of appropriate qualifications of the investigators, a lack of valid data, lack of a clear goal and the lack of a solid scientific basis for the project.

We consider all proposals for funding and then for publication without regard for the final conclusions.  We also continue to seek good proposals for educational projects that will further the public's understanding of UFOs. A proposal form may be downloaded.