Driving Directions

Carlingwood Shopping Centre is located at the corner of Carling and Woodroffe in Ottawa's west-end. You will recognize the building visually when you see the Sears Department store and Loblaws grocery store. The shopping centre is surrounded by a parking lot with over 2,500 parking spaces.

Driving west on the 417:
1- Take CARLING AVE. exit number 124- toward KIRKWOOD AVE.
2- The exit ramp joins and becomes CARLING AVE., you will want to be in the centre lane.
3- Follow Carling Avenue for approximately 3km when you will turn right into the Carlingwood Shopping Centre parking in front of Loblaws.

Driving east on the 417:
1- Take the WOODROFFE AVE. exit- exit number 127- a right turn off the 417.
2- Turn LEFT onto WOODROFFE AVE. NORTH off the exit ramp.
4- Turn RIGHT onto CARLING AVE. and get into the left turning lane.
5- Turn left onto WOODROFFE and turn right into Carlingwood Shopping Centre parking in front of Sears.