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Amarillo National Bank   Amarillo National Bank

In the environment of banking today, it is extremely unusual that a successful home-owned bank would continue to be a beacon of accountable service. That’s why Amarillo National Bank is Amarillo’s Favorite Bank!

The fact is that for more than a century, Amarillo National Bank has been part of the landscape, providing services that meet the needs of its independent-spirited residents. Your money has been kept in Amarillo working for Amarillo, with decisions made here in Amarillo since 1892. Amarillo National is known as a cornerstone of the local Amarillo economy, it's "Absolutely Everywhere."

"We are tied to Amarillo and the Panhandle from our start," said Amarillo National Bank Chairman, Tol Ware. "We feel a tremendous obligation to our customers."

Tol's Grandfather purchased the bank in 1909, building it into a prosperous financial institution. To this day it is owned and managed by his heirs, something most other banks operating in the state today cannot claim. For nearly a century, the Ware Family has remained at the vanguard of the banking business. This was proven when they were named "Bankers of the Century" by Texas Monthly in December 1999. Amarillo National Bank is currently the largest family-owned bank in the nation.

The slogan "Absolutely Everywhere" translates into 10 full-service locations; three drive-up locations; and more than 60 ATM locations throughout Amarillo, Borger and Canyon. These ATM's are free to customers of Amarillo National Bank and provide the ultimate in convenient access to your money (no small service if you've been hit with the large ATM fees from other banks). For more banking convenience, Amarillo National has 4 ATM locations throughout Amarillo and Canyon that will accept deposits 24 hours. We have now made it even easier to receive your bank statement…we will e-mail it directly to you every month.

In addition, Internet banking and Bank by Phone at 378-8123 provide the ultimate in technologically advanced off-site convenient access to your accounts and, in the case of the Internet site, a check-less way to pay your bills.

Amarillo National was founded 110 years ago on 4th Avenue and Polk Street. The bank prospered during the early 1900s as Amarillo grew and the oil boom hit the Panhandle. In 1971, the bank moved to its sixteen-story office building at Plaza One, which continues to be its headquarters.

As economic cycles go, during the 1980s, some banks began worrying about the price of their stocks. That led to either bad loan decisions or a desire to sell out for a big profit.

"At that time, we were concerned about our customers," said Richard Ware, President of Amarillo National Bank. "Stockholders and the price of our stock were not part of our outlook and still aren't. We believe in doing a good job serving our customers, knowing that everyone benefits in the long run."

In 1984, Amarillo National Bank opened Plaza Two, a twelve-story luxury building complex with a parking garage and a health club.

In 1986, Amarillo National purchased the largest bank in Borger, which continues it's run as "Borger's Bank." The bank services Borger residents and businesses in that part of the Panhandle.

Today, the bank has evolved into a truly full-service center, offering all general services and specific option such as Asset Management, Mortgage Loans, award-winning Internet banking (for more than two years) and executive services such as Private Banking and a Professional & Executive Department along with the only full-time Cash Management Department. Amarillo National also provides Brokerage Services within their Private Banking Department.

Amarillo National Bank is Texas' Largest Independent Cattle Lender, as noted in the annual listing of the 100 largest commercial ag banks in the United States, ranked by total farm loans (as presented by Ag Lender, quarter ending December 1999).

The Better Business Bureau recently honored Amarillo National Bank with a Prestigious International Award for Outstanding Marketplace Ethics. An estimated 2,800 businesses were nominated to enter local Better Business Bureau sponsored Torch Award competitions this past year and only 28 companies were chosen as National Finalists. Amarillo National was one of the top ten companies named in this elite group. The Torch Award highlighted Amarillo National Bank for excelling at customer satisfaction, but also serving their employees, investors, competitors and the communities in which they do business with integrity and distinction.

Amarillo National employs more than 500 people. Each one is considered an integral component, more than just a name and a face behind the great services offered. Each employee is a representative of the excellent services Amarillo National Bank delivers to this community.

"The main thing that sets us part is our commitment to a friendly, helpful team of bankers that enjoy working and waiting on customers," said Stan Callahan, Executive Vice President. "We have been fortunate not to have the personnel changes that have been so common at other banks."

Since 1987, Amarillo National Bank has had the most deposits in Amarillo and makes more car loans than any other financial institution. Also noteworthy, Amarillo National Bank had the first branch bank in Texas, the first ATM and drive-up tellers in Amarillo; and it was the first in our area with free checking and local Internet banking.

"Amarillo National is committed to doing a great job for our customers," said Bill Ware, Executive Vice President. "That's why we have the most ATM's, the most drive-ups and the best checking accounts."

Amarillo National Bank is not only committed to our customers, but to the community as a whole. Amarillo National has made annual contributions of over one million dollars each of the past five years to Amarillo charities and organizations. Coupled with the communities' volunteer efforts and support, we are all making Amarillo better everyday! During the Christmas holidays, the bank gives each employee a check and the option to donate $100.00 to the charity of their choice and ask that the check be hand delivered. This is just another way that Amarillo National Bank supports the community and believes in the many growing needs that it has.

Bill Ware is occasionally asked about Amarillo National Bank's television ads, "They are funny but tell an important message that we really are different from holding company banks. Those differences are important to people here in the Panhandle."

Amarillo National Bank is committed to achieving the highest quality service through innovation, technology, wisdom and a professional staff.