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On one tropical island you'll find the whole tropical world.
The helicopter hovers for a moment over the rain forest, then descends to land at a breathtaking tropical mountain waterfall. Welcome to Jurassic Park, not off the shores of Costa Rica, but on Kauai, an island just 2600 miles off the California coast.

A pilot and his passenger labor over his damaged seaplane in Six Days, Seven Nights on an idyllic, deserted beach in French Polynesia. In actuality, Ivan Reitman filmed Harrison Ford and Anne Heche for eleven weeks on Kauai's spectacular shores.

A village of Africans decimated by an ebola-like plague must be incinerated by the authorities in Outbreak. Kauai again. This time it's Wolfgang Petersen filming Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Spacey and Cuba Gooding, Jr..

Kauai is the ultimate tropical location for motion picture production. Among the classics: South Pacific, Blue Hawaii and Raiders of the Lost Ark. And more recently: Dragonfly, Jurassic Park III, To End All Wars, Dinosaur, Mighty Joe Young and George of the Jungle.

Here, diverse locations in Central and South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific are perfectly replicated. There is no place more beautiful in the tropical world.

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